6 Tips to Make Panda Love Your Website

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 4, 2012

6 Tips to Make Panda Love Your Website
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Google PandaThe recent updates we got from Google make force many sites radically change not only SEO policy but also designers’ approach. Now we have to pay more attention to designing and ranking. And in case if you chose the right factors of the approach you are rewarded for it. Make environment better for your visitors and Google will make environment better for you.

QArea wants to share with you some tips to let you make the website Panda friendly.

Make your content relevant and unique

Such content helps users to find necessary information faster. Websites with quality content have more advantages over sites with not unique and not relevant one. You can easy increase traffic to you site creating content that is about 1000 words per page.

Page rank

Google rank doesn’t depend on any search phrases. 10 is the best number of phrases. Only optimized site is perceived by Google as quality/authoritative/reliable.

Narrowing header images

As search engines, including Google, pay more attention to the top of site’s page, you should remove header banner image and place there more content. Such changes will be proven not only by Panda, but also by your visitors.

Domain registration

This is pretty small thing but you should know that authority of your website rises with the term of use the domain.

Social media

Google has serious approach to social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Try to spread your content through these networks to deserve love of the Panda. Also there is one social network that is more respected than others – Google Plus. Create your account and attach your articles with it, create the page of your website and Author Rank will give you many benefits.

Load speed of the website

Google Panda prefer lightweight pages that give visitors more convenience and more time. Try to reduce flash, single background images, heavy files in your site. Make your page snappy and fast.

Policy of the most powerful search engines is frequently changed. To stay afloat you should be aware of the all latest changes. Try to consider one important thing: Any policy will reward your website if you steer your policy on getting honest reputation.