7 Hints to be More Innovative in the Age of Agile Testing

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

7 Hints to be More Innovative in the Age of Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Agile testing includes testing starting from the client perspective as early as possible, testing early and frequently as code gets available and steadfast enough from module/unit level testing.

Why there is need of innovations in the Age of Agile Testing?

In case global downturns occur, there is sure inevitability to the impact on sectors of Information Technology and Finance. Customers become more unwilling in providing software business. Some clients are withdrawing their long term projects and other customers deploying the opportunities in offering low price. Manifold projects that trailed much longer than supposed and cost more than expected. Consequently, companies began to explore the way “Agile with different flavours” may assist their enterprises more reliably provide software iteratively and quickly. The responsibilities and roles of Test Managers or Test Architects become more important in accomplishing Agile Projects. In general innovations are being fuelled increasingly by the requirements of the testing society.

Agile Testing Challenges

While working with Agile development team Agile Testers face many challenges. A tester should be able to deploy Root-Cause Analysis while revealing severe bugs so as they hardly to reoccur. Whereas Agile has various flavours, Scrum presents one process for accomplishing Agile. Some of the challenging scrimmage rules to be obeyed by each individual:

  • Acquires number of commitment hours up front
  • Gathers requirements / Values up front
  • Inserts the actual hours and estimates hours every day
  • Builds daily
  • Supplies with the daily scrum meetings shortly
  • Code Inspections are supreme

So as to satisfy the above challenges, it is necessary for agile tester to be innovative with the tools they possess. It happens a great idea in case what you possess (tangible and intangible) satisfy the deepest hunger in the world.

The Way Testers May Be More Innovative In Agile Testing

The significant Keys to Innovation:

1. Creative

A worthy Agile Tester demands to be very creative while attempting to cope up with speed of development/release. It is more important for a tester to be creative then be critical.

2. Talented

A tester should be greatly talented and strives for learning as well as innovating ideas. Because talented testers are not often content with what they reached and always seek to find inconceivable bugs of high priority or value.

3. Fearless

He should not fear to look at a code of developer and if is required, expecting in extreme cases, goes in and correct it.

4. Visionary

A tester should have a comprehensive vision that involves expectations of client and delivery of the good product.

5. Empowered

A tester should be empowered to work in pairs. In order to bring shorter scripts, he will be involving in pair programming and also deliver better design and detect more bugs.

6. Passionate

Testers who are passionate always have something unique for contribution that may be at the heart of their innovative ideas, how they carry every day work, their produces and improve things around them tirelessly.

7. Manifold Disciplines

An Agile Tester should have many skills such as Functional, Manual, Performance testing skills and such soft skills as Leadership, EI, Communication skills, in such a way agile testing will be a cake walk.

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