7 Places You Need to Be: Reaching Google Local Search Leadership

7 Places You Need to Be: Reaching Google Local Search Leadership

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QArea Team
QArea Team
November 5, 2013
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Reaching Google Local Search LeadershipLocal companies can appear in Google SERPs after registering in Google Places For Business or Google+ Local. But how to become a leader in local search results? For this you need to know 7 places to unfold your activity step by step.

  1. Google Places

    Your business may already be featured in Google SERPs, but in case you want your business information shown more accurately, it’s better to have a Google Places account. It is as well a proper starting point if you own a brand new startup requiring appearance in Google.

  2. Google+ Local Business

    Many features including reviews and ratings have been moved to Google+ Local since Google Places merged into this service to some extent. Therefore if your customers have Gmail accounts, you may ask them for reviews via Google+ Local page and they will be further displayed in Google SERPs on your listing of Google Places. It adds to your benefit too that Google+ Local transfers information on local business to Google Maps as well.

  3. Google Maps

    The recent revision of Google Maps has moved the focus back to optimized Google+ pages. In its new search options you can choose finding business results within ‘Top reviewers’ or ‘Your circles‘. The first shows the places reviewed by Google+ experts, while the latter provides the list of places recommended by people of your circle.

  4. Home Page

    Your home page where your Google Places or Google+ Local has links to also significantly influences your local business’s search ranking. The SEO elements on this page and its linking profile define your ranking chances in local Google searches to some extent.

  5. Review Sites

    Besides the reviews you can get on Google Places and your Google+ Local page, there is a vast range of authoritative review sites on the Internet that may greatly contribute into your site’s local search ranking too.

  6. Social Media

    Social platforms have become critical for your local business rating. A great variety of chances for positive brand exposure of your business to the local audience is presented by such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more others.

  7. Mobile

    Since mobile searches have become so common nowadays and may be viewed as a significant factor of your local business SERPs, you cannot ignore the use of user activity on your mobile-friendly web site.

Though taking time and effort, the above ways are worth trying if you are a persistent businessman with a well-worked strategy. Using this complete list of places to be constantly active at you’ll become a local leader in Google search in a short time.


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