7 Things to Have on a Website to Increase its Credibility

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 27, 2014

7 Things to Have on a Website to Increase its Credibility
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Until quite recently the logic of marketers and SEO specialists was “the better SEO is – the better sales are”. Now the reverse state is true: “the better sales are – the better SEO is”. Today, search engines show a strong tendency of ranking sites focusing precisely on behavioral factors, and therefore, they become an important part of SEO. For getting high ranking any commercial site needs to be high quality and relevant. For this purpose the site needs to have certain credibility.

Here are several advices to increase the level of customers’ and hence search engines’ trust to your site.

  1. Feedback

Every more or less serious buying is usually done after reading reviews. People are especially interested in reviews when they make a one-time purchase. The reviews may refer to certain products and services, as well as to the company in general. Having feedback on your site is important for two reasons: it enhances customers’ trust (sales factor) and increases the time users spend on it (ranking factor).

  1. Prices

Although it’s obvious that products’ prices have to be displayed on the website, some companies make a mistake hiding prices and asking people to click a button if they wish to know the price. By hiding the price you’ll make visitors think that it is too high and uncompetitive, otherwise there would be no reason to hide it.

  1. Portfolio and clients

One more way to raise website reliance is to add portfolio of your works and information about your clients. Also, you may add information about your partners. In some ways, your partners are your clients as well, as they have chosen your company among others.

  1. Sales and special offers

It is better to do a separate page for sales and special offers. The most important of them can be brought out to the homepage as a banner.

  1. Live Help

Live Help right on the site is a very popular feature that allows online consulting your visitors without making calls and writing e-mails. It is a good way to build relations with your potential clients and improves the behavioral factor. Live help is especially necessary when making a decision to buy a product usually takes much time.

  1. Visual content

The importance of images and video is doubtless nowadays. Internet has turned to visual environment where, along with text information, images and video have a weighty part. This is not about abandoning texts on the website but it strongly recommended to include photos, videos and any type of visual content when posting news, articles, etc.

  1. “About us” page

“About the company” or “About us” is one of the most important sections of the website. And the common mistake is not the absence of this page, but filling it with tenuous and vague content. “About the company” page should consist of the following information: history of the company; its specialization; special features and competitive advantages; information about experts (for companies that provide services); contacts; news; photos of company’s management team; photos from events; promotional products.

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