7 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Channels Efficiently

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 17, 2014

7 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Channels Efficiently

One of the biggest challenges each marketing department faces is managing across multiple social channels of the company such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, SlideShare etc. in such a way that they all meet the company’s business objectives effectively.

Let’s consider 7 tips on how to smartly manage all your social media channels.

  1. Develop unique treatment

The research shows that the majority of your followers on each platform are unique to this social medium. That’s why the most important tip you should follow is to avoid automated posting of the same message at all social channels. To ensure the support of this or that platform-specific audience you should select and tailor your topics, messaging and content format on each site basing your actions on its audience.

  1. Measure and observe

On Twitter, you should figure out the content types getting the most mentions, retweets, and favorites. On Facebook, you should compare different content topics and formats’ number of shares, likes, and comments. While on YouTube it’s useful to define which video types get the most views. Such observations and measurements will let you reach a better perception of channel-specific audiences of your social accounts.

  1. Define specific goals

Identifying the goals specific to each channel will let you to smartly maintain messaging and content on each platform, keep your engagement activity focused and response rates higher. As for your Twitter-specific goals, you may aim at increasing awareness and top sales consideration. On Facebook, you may make it your goal to connect with your partners and customers to provide them with updates of your products and services etc.

  1. Cross-promote your channels

Since some of your customers following you on one platform may not know about your presence elsewhere, it’s sometimes recommended to promote your other channels. However, it’s worth remembering that all social channels are unique and frequent cross-promotion won’t be useful. Cross-promotion of channels is also of use when you run some campaign or contest on one platform and want to drive additional traffic for it from other social sites.

  1. Use email for notifications

Despite email is no longer a popular communication means on the web, it still works effectively for the purpose of social network notifications conveyed via email. Such notifications give you timely updates and alerts about social engagement making some kind of glue that binds together your activity information across the disparate channels.

  1. Track reach and growth

Maintaining a simple spreadsheet for tracking your reaches and followings across the social channels will give you a good chance to see whether each of your social channels works and grows.

  1. Try paid advertising

Finally, paid advertising can be used for expanding the reach of your content and generating new followers, too. It proves helpful as the increasing volume of different content passes through the social media causing you content gets missed. Such paid advertising options as Promoted Tweets, Facebook Ads or SlideShare PRO are available on each platform.

Managing multiple social media channels is challenging, but also lots of fun when you work in a team. The above tips will help you enjoy your social engagement strategy and stay onboard whatever changes social media introduce in the near future. Read more about social media in our IT blog.

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