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7 Tips for Small Business Websites

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October 31, 2012
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7 Tips for Small Business WebsitesHow should look the website to attract more visitors? If you have your own business and want to outsource creation of your corporate website try to be objective. Of course you must like it, but first of all your website should be attractive for users.

QArea gives you some tips to make visitors stay longer on your website.

Make your Header Attractive
This is first thing visitors see when they get on your website. After they read it they must be interested in keeping staying and reading through the rest of the content. Header must give short presentation of your business answering next questions: What services you deliver and Why your visitor needs to get it?

Relevant Images
Images on your site make it less dry and more interesting. But don’t overdo it. Choose relevant to the common idea of the site.

The information provided by your site must be interesting for your target audience. But don’t forget about contractors and competitors. The first need to find necessary information fast, and the last must jealous your challenge.

Light-weight pages
Many businesses place high resolution images and flash intros on their pages. Never do like this! It can bad influence both your SEO and your visitors’ relation. Use hosting provider which can guarantee fast response time and try to make your pages simple and light.

Intuitive Navigation
Let your visitors get fast and easy to the target. Don’t be too creative with navigation. It should be helpful and understandable.

Prominent Contacts
In case if someone who visits your website wants to reach you try to make this process easier. Place all possible contacts on the home page in order to give a choice for your visitors.

Try to get honest opinion from your customer. Don’t place such as “amazing product!” etc. Testimonials help new visitor to make a final decision.


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