7 Tips for Successful Implementation of Agile Strategies

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 17, 2018

7 Tips for Successful Implementation of Agile Strategies
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The most important things you need to know about Agile strategies are listed below.

  • Agile takes whole the organization to truly be Agile;
  • If something is limited to one team of developers, it will not be for Agile.

Thus you should recognize your abilities and we want to help you with this. QArea software development company provides you with some rules for keeping Agile development agile.

Make your plan

Before adopting Agile your company should clearly recognize all the benefits and necessities of this process. You need a plan which will describe the barriers and ways how to overcome them, show available funds and responsible persons to provide efficient management.

Consider your efforts beyond the apps “construction” process

Development team can construct new releases faster than operations team handles them. Try to consider the effort not only in apps building but the lifecycle context. The company can’t call themselves “Agile” if they just change the way of the software creation.

Learn more and train

The core of Agile software development is a continuous improvement and learning. Attending seminars is not enough to recognize the whole process. Agile is not just a set of rules and practices, it is the philosophy with variety of approaches. But usually organizations are skimpy on trainings and send only few people to training. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Everybody needs to be brought up to enlighten in this changing process.

Involve entire enterprise

Agile is not a subject just for a team. You can achieve truly success using the whole organization approach only and by involving many responsible and conscientious employees. Agile should change the culture of the entire company.

Adjust the governance getting support from the C-suit

Agile development needs resources as any other projects. If you want to control the entire budget and cash flow you rather communicate to C-suit and get their support, because they have the most influence on the money issues. Agile requires a lot of support from the business. Remember, Agile strategy leads to the revisiting procedures established from the beginning of the Company’s history. It can be difficult to make any changes due to entire politics or negative impact from the C-suit.

Tools and team consistency

The main target of the Agile is to make all the processes drive automatically within the set measures. The inconsistency of the tools can lead to a lot of issues and stream the processes in incorrect way. Due to the human nature every person works in the own world. So try to streamline everyone in the team to work together and not against each other. In order to achieve it you can hire dedicated coach with great motivation and communication skills.

Don’t hurry up

Take your time: find the appropriate process which is the most related to your business and only after that choose the tools and get the teams to work together.

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