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7 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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November 5, 2012
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Mobile friendly websiteYou have your own website – good for you. But have you ever thought about how could rise your traffic if you’ll optimize your website for mobile devices? Today lots of people access your site through the mobile devices. Tiny screens are more compact and convenient for usage. But unfortunately, there are still many websites which ignore it making such users’ staying intolerable. We want to share with you some mobile practices.

Readable content

Try not to use fonts and size that need to be zoomed in, even if you like it. Users are waiting for helpful and clear information rather than nice organized one.

Minimize Flash content

You probably know that people who use mobile devices all the time are impatient to get the required content. Don’t make them waiting. For example, iPhone and iPod don’t display Flash introns. Anyway, try to cut out such items.

Make vertical navigation

Most of mobile screens have lack of width to display the horizontal navigation menu. So you should organize it vertically.

Responsive website

Your screen should be adjusted to various resolutions. Many people have already created thousands of websites to provide users with convenient staying on it. So make your next website user-friendly, don’t let your visitors go to competitors.

Display only important content

Consider that small screen can’t display the same amount of content as big monitors. So you should prioritize it to prominent only the most important content of your website.

Optimize your page

Well, you made your page suitable any device, what’s next? Try to speed up uploading time of the pages. It should take about few seconds. More speed, more users, more clients, more money.

Test your website

You should ensure that there are no any errors before run your site. There are some tools like W3C can be used for testing.

We hope these pieces of advice will help you in development of user-friendly mobile websites to attract more users and give them opportunity to enjoy staying on it.


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