7 Tips To Make Your Website User Friendly

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 27, 2012

7 Tips To Make Your Website User Friendly
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The first you should think about building your website is your visitors and only then make it search engine friendly. When the developer try to build website user oriented it tends to get more customers and take a pride place among the competitors.

But how to achieve it? Below we provide you with some integral parts of website operating that make it well-structured and user friendly.

URL Structure

Make sure you keep your keywords and descriptive reach, URLs short. Replace removed page by 404 not found page with main navigation to make users feel on a website. When you change URL don’t forget to 301 direct the old one page to the new one.

Internal Links

Use internal links throughout your navigation to make crawling and indexation better. Such kinds of links are useful for crawlers and users navigating them to other relevant page.

Descriptive Navigation

Despite the search engines are getting smarter, well coded html navigation always overpowers when the website is being crawled and indexed. Let user see the path by implementing breadcrumb.

Content Structure

Search engines can’t read the text in image or text images. So don’t put any text in iFrames or Flash. Use the text above the fold that is unique, informative and sharable with call to action. It will help to raise your conversion.

Site Search

Make sure you used robots.txt to block auto generated page and search results page when using site search.

Site Speed

This important factor is very often overlooked. But if your page is loading too long user can just leave your website. So reduce images, CSS files, HTTP requests to make your site faster.

Go Social and Blogger

Use social sharing features to be social and help visitors to interact with your content. You can easier serve updated and quality content to the search engines using blogging.