7 Tips to Manage Your Online Team Efficiently

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 24, 2012

7 Tips to Manage Your Online Team Efficiently
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While your business moves offshore, you have to hire specialized staff. This is not simply to find someone who will share your views. So you should be ready to show your management skills when interviewing. Let us to share with you some pieces of advice about our experience to make dealing with real people easier and more productively.

Write your thoughts down

Probably you think it is not necessary to spend your time writing the speech. But this is an integral part of managing online team process. Such form of communication has a lot of benefits. Thus, you will organize your thoughts properly and have a record of all sent communication, written format also makes life of not native English speakers easier.

Write in understandable and easy form

Try to write short and concise phrases aiming not strain the brain. Your text should be divided into sections or sub-topics, easy-to-read and penetrable.

Make your memos visual

Use PowerPoint or other similar programs to make your discussion more understandable and specific. You also can share screens in real-time using Skype. Avoid needless words writing things down in steps visually.

Be direct

Try to avoid uncertainty in your speech. Tell exactly what you want team to do and what kind of results you are waiting for in the most direct way possible. The more understandable your goals and requirements for the online team, the faster you will find a common language.

Learn more about their culture

Even if your online team also speaks English, some language barriers can arise. To find a key to penetrating it you should try to understand the culture. They will definitely appreciate if you will be aware of their country. It could help you getting in touch with the team.

Avoid sarcasm or offensive remarks

You should be constructive with all subordinates across the board. State everything in honest, clear and direct language.

Become an authority for offshore team

Try to be an example for others showing how to work properly. Demonstrate your ethic, accuracy in work. Let your professionalism enforce policies with authority. Streamline the offshore team to work as more efficient as they can.