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Some 8 Handy Google Keyword Planner’s Updates

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September 17, 2014
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Old news

The updates I will be writing about took place somewhere around April of this year thus some might state they are old news. Yet you will be surprised on how many people are still unaware of the new potential that the Keyword Planner is now capable of.

The new additions are a serious adjustment to what was there earlier. They are kindly granting advertisers deeper knowledge of data over time as well as mobile trends and device volumes, and so much more. Let’s get a bit deeper!

Time period specifications

Keyword suggestions as well as volume estimations will now be provided around a period of time that you will be specifying. There will also be a sweet-looking graph that will make all the data look on a more appropriate and understandable way. If you do move the cursor over a bar you will get additional data.

Keyword Planner 1

Compare time periods

You will now be getting a chance of seeing but another lovely graph. The one showing the comparison of chosen time periods.

Keyword Planner 2

Google will be comparing the selected period to the equivalent from the past. What I mean is that if you choose period of time from January to March of the year 2014 the software will be comparing it to October till December of 2013. Or you may create a custom comparison of your own.

Keyword Planner3

Absolute and relative

You are now capable of comparing the absolute as well as relative changes for any ad group. The same with keyword’s volume. You will now be able of comparing them in two different periods.

Keyword Planner4

Visualize the newest mobile trends

More graphs that will assist you in understanding data.

Keyword Planner5

Breakdown by device

You will be able of seeing the breakdowns and the target locations. Expended contribution from various individual devices will be shown in a way that fits every advertisers needs.

Keyword Planner6

Flexibility with period of time

No longer will all the estimates be daily. The results may as well be showing you in weekly or monthly or whatever the form you desire.

Keyword Planner7

Segmentation and adjustments of devices

You will now be capable of seeing the breakdown of the volume estimates by the devices thus receive the mobile specific ones and bid adjustments.

Keyword Planner8

Just ad a bid adjustment and voilà!

Keyword Planner9

Your target location and its sub-geos

If you are currently targeting a specific area you will have some additional options:

Keyword Planner10



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