8 Must-Knows For Mobile App Developing Companies

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 17, 2014

8 Must-Knows For Mobile App Developing Companies
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The mobile app market is going as rapidly as a hungry cheetah nowadays. The constant changes and shifting are sometimes up to devastating for some IT companies. Recent research shows that 78% of the companies that were questioned are concerned about their ability to support the growing number of OS’s and devices. The top leading concern was security – 62%.

The key to understanding this new field is understanding the task. You, for example can never forget the following criteria, due to the fact you are not only developing for a platform, you are creating software for a device with its own specifications.

  • Phones an tablets are small, thus they are easy to lose, thus security risks increase
  • Mobile networks are in no way as fast or reliable as regular ones (for now)
  • Mobile gadgets have less power, memory, processing power and they do have a battery that tends to die on users
  • The prices for mobile data services are starting to bite

So let’s get to our must-knows

  1. What about MEAPS? You probably know all about environments that every device possesses, that they differ and all that blah-blah. Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms can allow you multi-platform development.
  2. Where do users get their apps from? You are right, as always, from stores. But to get your app to the Apples App Store, or Googles Play Market you need to get it approved, certified and lot’s more time and effort consuming rubbish. Why bother, when there’s tools like EASE using which you can both set up and control your own market.
  3. Upgrading one of the most serious issues. You will have to learn to deal with users being able to upgrade their app only if they wish so. You can’t force them. Or, you can, of course, but will it do well for both you and your user? Doubtful.
  4. Security definitely needs to be of the highest concern. Your app can no longer be just hacked. User’s device may be lost or stolen and you need to consider that as well.
  5. Proper user support and skilled help-desk operators is what you need. Some companies are now practicing methods like allowing users to deal with apps on their own. Trust me, users which are trying to fix stuff or get acquainted to it on their own is more calls, not less.
  6. Manage your expanses with brains. Whether it’s Wi-Fi, VPN or expensive mobile networks or a combination of all. Be prepared for the need to know how much you are willing to pay are and the need to find solutions.
  7. Don’t forget to be prepared for new platforms to come. They will, and you know what they say: “finders – keepers”.
  8. Your mobile policy and company strategy have to clear and understandable to both your employees, partners and most importantly – customers.