A Businessman’s Guide to Creating Winner Mobile Apps

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 2, 2014

A Businessman’s Guide to Creating Winner Mobile Apps
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Every businessman dreams to earn as much money as possible. And every businessman probably peeks at the fantastic success stories of mobile app developers.

So how can you build a blockbuster app having business ambition but lacking technical literacy? The answer is – using the following 10 simple steps.

Step 1: Feel the market

As with any business, your success will depend on how well you perceive the market and its trends. Speaking of mobile apps, the best places to go are Google Play and the Apple Store. By viewing Apple’s real-time top lists and charts of mobile apps, you can spot current trends, learn about winning designs, marketing tricks and pricing models.

Step 2: Look at top players

Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from successful competitors. Make it your habit to look at top players and compare your ideas with theirs. You may find that some of your ideas are already implemented in other apps and they fail, or you may just as well see some successful concept and then grab the opportunity to extend it in your own app.

Step 3: Sketch your design

It’s not important if you make your design project with a pencil or in a professional designing program. The matter is how well you visualize and work out the details so that developers who are going to implement that design for you can better understand what the app should work and look like.

Step 4: Get a developer’s account on the Store

To later submit your app to the app store, choose the mobile platform to your liking and sign up with their market as a developer. Being a developer doesn’t suggest you should develop the app by hand, but rather you are the publisher or owner of the product.

Step 5: Hire a developer

The best idea is to place your job offer on a hiring site. Make sure to include all professional requirements and your app budget. After you’ve selected some candidates for your app’s development, hold a Skype interview with them to know those people better and learn more about their communicative skills which are critical while collaboration.

Step 6: Sign NDA

Before hiring a developer, make him sign a non-disclosure agreement because you don’t want your design or source code stolen without punishment.

Step 7: Build the app

Since you are not very well familiar with the development process, you should be sure that you’ve hired he right person you can trust your app building. That’s why it’s recommended to test them by setting some simple tasks and monitor their results. These tasks can be an app icon design, a quick “Hello, world!” app, or an ‘ad hock’ version of your app.

Step 8: Test it

If your app is not very complex and you aren’t planning for a professional tester, you can test it on your own. But what is important, you need to involve more people in testing, especially when it comes to usability, because your vision isn’t always perfect and in the end your app’s success will depend on other people’s likings. So you need to study these very well.

Step 9: Post it on the Store

When the time came, submit your finished app to the Store and wait for approval. It normally takes up to 10 days. To ensure it’s going to be accepted, follow the Apple’s guide to designing apps.

Step 10: Market it and be happy!

At this point you’re almost done but not completely. Marketing is something you can’t neglect even if you have the best app ever. The main idea is to let people know about your app so that they can try it and learn how great it is. The fastest and cheapest way for you to do this will be social media shares. Another way is also to release the app on trial or implement a freemium pricing model.

Good luck!

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