A short research about work and life of PHP developers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on February 7, 2012

A short research about work and life of PHP developers
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1-1We’ve known about the interesting research that was made by our foreign colleagues. They interviewed approximately 3,335 PHP developers about their work and life and we want you just look here on the results.

The first question was about which projects PHP developers would be working on in 2012 year. Now we know most of them will be creating different mobile applications. The figures say about 66% of respondents. Approximately 48% of specialists are intending to work with API producing. In addition, we can see that social media integration is the thing with number three on the diagram showing the popularity of projects. Such things as cloud computing, working with big data are in demand too, but they aren’t so popular as previous propositions.

The second question in the interview was about the popularity of different cloud environments which were needed in PHP programmers’ work. We can see PHP community prefer most of all Amazon Web Services. Some of coders can’t make a choice, approximately 10% choose Rackspace, about 6% of respondents want to use Microsoft Azure, 5% would rather use other cloud services and only 3% take an interest in IBM Smart Cloud.

The question number three. This one was about using other languages along with PHP. You can see all results on the schema below so let us say nothing about this paragraph. JavaScript is in demand most of all software tools.

And, finally, the most important point of the questionnaire in our opinion is right here. This is the fourth question; it’s about developers’ resolutions for 2012. Just look on the picture below and you’ll see the most important things in PHP developers’ life and what they want to get this year. Programmers are dreaming about taking a vacation, spending more time with their families and eating healthy. So, maybe PHP coders should slow down a bit?