Acquia Increases Board with a Pair of Engineering Veterans

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on January 31, 2012

Acquia Increases Board with a Pair of Engineering Veterans
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Narrow Projection

Narrow Projection

Acquia is so young. It is only three years old and concentrates almost solely on free source platform Drupal, which helps its meriting a spot on Forbes bead-roll of 100 most suggestive associations in 2011 a pretty imposing achievement. Despite the company’s measurement, Acquia can not yet be counted a well-recognized name in business circles. The incumbency of two new board colleagues may just transform that.

Nice to meet the New Fellows

Acquia proscribed today the incumbency of two fresh colleagues to its Board of Directors — Paul Sallaberry and Thomas Bogan. For all that the names may not catch an eye; they are well tempered veterans of the engineering industry. Bogan is the Chairman of Citrix’s administration, and has interdicted executable level statements at foundations known for their process quick wittedness like IBM and Rational Software. Sallaberry is no greenhorn either. He has interdicted senior level statements at Oracle and Veritas (acquired by Symantec), Open Vision and is now distinguished mostly for his character as a venture financier.

Sallaberry and Bogan round out Acquia’s administration, which already comprehends:

  • Thomas Erickson, CEO Acquia
  • Dries Buytaert, CTO and Co-Establisher, Drupal and Acquia creator
  • Michael Skok, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners
  • John Mandile, Managing Director, Sigma Partners
  • Brian Paul, Managing Director, Tenya Capital

What This May Bring

Acquia’s means of subsistence is Drupal, which is utilized broadly by enterprises of all measurements. Drupal’s vogue is incontestable. It crowns almost all “best of” lists for free source applications, but acceptance by large companies continues to fall behind due to the platform’s ratherish bloodless business class prosperity characteristics. Acquia is  distributing itself to cover that breach and become the “go to” alternative for associations that desire to impregnate Drupal, but demand a little (or not) of hand holding. The augmentation of Sallaberry and Bogan further declares that undertaking. The engineering veterans comprehend and can drive the marketing, operations, administration and strategical discipline that will be demanded for Acquia to swallow up the business Drupal marketplace.

Projection for 2012

Many of questions to free source developers focused on projects for 2012. When inquired about geographical expansion goals for the coming year, North America (79% of pollees) and Europe (84% of pollees) were the two acutest antecedence areas by the moment. The hugest medium antecedence goals were South America (61% of pollees), Asia Pacific and Oceania (53% of pollees), and the Middle East (42% of pollees).
Site title
In circumstantial after constituting their European front office in Amsterdam in July 2011, DotNetNuke feels hopeful to increase their mercantile enterprise in Europe at a speedier movement than North America in 2012. Alfresco par excellence estimated Japan, India and Australia as acute antecedence.

When inquired how they map out to improve their goods, the acutest antecedence challenges each at 58% of pollees were:

  • Better Mobile Device and Multi-Channel Support
  • Accomplish General Shrewdness
  • Cloud Endorsement

Other acute antecedence targets at 50% of pollees were Integration, Additional APIs, Platform Features and SaaS Options. Alfresco particularly designated mobile (specifically tablet) and the Cloud as their acutest antecedences, containing shrewdness and productivity as concerned to Cloud and SaaS.

When inquired specifically what the foremost two targets are for their layouts in 2012, 14 pollees responded:

  • Alfresco: Interpose a major enabler of business tablet swap-outs and provide a successful Cloud accommodation that plugs into the Enterprise.
  • Composite C1: Transform web CMS to more well-known through SaaS and “starter wizards,” and interpose the most embraced.NET free source CMS when estimated by web specialists.
  • DotNetNuke: Social partnership and more complete Cloud agglomeration.
  • Drupal: Mobile and Drupal dispensations (vertical determinations).
  • eZ Publish: Acquire a remarkable customer experience “in all instrumentations,” and improved interoperability as a maintenance platform.
  • Hippo: Implode Apache Rave (a fresh web and public mashup engine) into Hippo CMS, and add context-aware personification concentrated on multiway behavioral positioning, superintendence, transformation and reporting.
  • HWIOS: Separate HWIOS into a tinier, easy-to-utilize library, and build-up somewhat self-sufficient high quality software around this library.
  • Jahia: Propose a cooperation characteristic as JahiApp, and append additional mobile and multichannel agglomeration.
  • mojoPortal: Extend acceptance and build-up more supplementary goods to build sales proceeds.
  • Nuxeo: Enlarge acceptance and dispensation, and deliver Nuxeo as a Platform-as-an-Accommodation (PaaS).
  • ocPortal: Proceed to lower interferences to create sophisticated websites, and make administration of perplex webpages simple, secure, and laughable for small enterprises.
  • Umbraco: Relinquish Umbraco release 5 and Umbraco as an attendance.
  • WeWebU: Acquire more capacious adoption.

XOOPS: Refactor the fundamental framework and upgrade it for PHP 5.4, and strengthen prevailing modules to transform them to a standard GUI.