All You Need To Know About White Hats

QA Engineer by QA Engineer on March 30, 2015

All You Need To Know About White Hats
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White hat hackers are probably the most required profession any firm may gain from. Furthermore, governments, militaries and entire corporations fight for the best of white hats. Google even has a Security Princess, or so they have titled Parisa Tabriz’s job in their company. Parisa, by the way is an amazing White Hat that has achieved tremendous results in delivering security and is now one of the world’s leading specialists and head of Google’s security department. You are probably already aware of all the tricks people are willing to go for to simply keep best brains inside their company. But what is all that fuss about?

white-hatWhy hack your own product?

First of all bounties for found bugs have been announced long ago by many software companies such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Everybody has the chance of finding a bug and earning some money for it because, as we all know, software may never be perfect and is, despite all possible effort overfilled with defects and glitches that are seemingly harmless. However the very same people that have located defects may as well sell such data on the black market to criminals that will surely not use gained knowledge in the right, law obedient way.

However all that may be avoided and prevented if you have specialist that will try breaking your software like actual hackers with the same tools and methods and malicious hardware and software. This is the only way to make sure your products are safe to both your company and your employees and customers. Surely nobody is capable of locating 100% of defects, flaws and reaches of your software but thanks to white hat hackers or penetration testers you will be sure you have double-checked the most dangerous areas black hats will be looking at and that they are secure.

How harmful may tiny defects be?

Here is a nice little example of a tiny defect that was missed. A seemingly harmless thing became a lethal weapon in the wrong hands. After several manipulation Verizon Wi-Fi amplifiers were easily transformed into actual spy machines that were capable of listening to cellphone conversations of all nearby Verizon customers. Considering same approach worked somewhere within your company or even worse, against your customers! Your customers losing their personal data equals their loss of faith in you as a brand and that is even worse than annihilation. It’s really cheaper and easier to double-check. That’s why white hats are in trend this season!