All You Ever Wanted To Know About Good Old SEO

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on May 19, 2015

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Good Old SEO
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So here you are leading your beloved business in the internet. You log into your personal Google Webmaster Tools so you get to see a great picture of 50-80% of your traffic landing on your website from those nice search engine results. Life is beautiful and it’s like quite the time to hit the beach with margaritas! Well, not exactly. Just dig a little deeper. Go through the keywords that have lead people on to your page: its most likely that majority of them were your brand or even a direct product name, etc.

What does this mean? Most your visitors are on your website because they are aware of you and have googled your business in particular and you are missing out all those potentially new customers out there that have no idea about any of your services. The worst part is they probably end up with your more SEO savvy competitors, so cancel the flight, margaritas will have to wait.


It’s a dangerous world we all are living in!

Not everybody may be trusted with SEO. Especially if something as vital as your own business is at stake! But life gets harder when everybody today is a SEO guru. Most of them are self-proclaimed and have no particular skill, nor the required experience to keep their services up-to-date. Most of them either offer black hat SEO that quickly increases your positions, then they take the pay and flee, whilst you will be the one sorting out the mess they have caused in a while. A short and devastating ban from Google will be the best case scenario for you.

Remember one tip that will save your business at some point: you can’t simply buy a bunch of links and expect decent results. Otherwise, we would be entirely out of high ranking positions in search results by now and Google would be out of business with a bang. You think they would allow something like that to happen? SEO is always about loads of hard work and lots of invested time. Black Hat SEO tricks never last long and search engines are now smarter than ever, plus they constantly evolve.

Oh, and those pesky search engines tend to keep things even worse with their constant changes of rules in the game. Enormous amounts of websites suffer from whatever Google is doing under those nice names and the goal to improve the internet and make it more user-friendly. They are releasing large updates every here and then, making SEO a task only true professionals may undertake. So consider the candidate who will provide you with SEO services wisely, look at the skill and the experience, not self-proclaimed guru titles.

What’s good SEO?

SEO is supposed to be an assistant to search engines. Proper SEO helps them to understand your website better. It’s not aimed at tricking or misleading search engines, they are smarter than that today, it’s not like it is still 2001 or something!

You might actually think that search engines are amazing at realizing what your website’s great content is about by now and you will be dazzled and surprised: thy need much more guidance than you can imagine. However, they are extremely proficient at spotting and eliminating tricksters.

Excellent SEO is not at all about keyword density, nor is it about keyword surfing and counting and stuff. If you hear such words from your SEO specialist you are free to fire him immediately. It is not that keywords are meaningless, no. They are just a useful part of a fairly larger concept. They are but tools, not the target. SEO has to be oriented at showing search engines exactly the things you wish your customers to see. Guide Google to that exact content and you will skyrocket your internet business.


Proper use of key words

First things first: you simply do not know which words people will use to search your business up. You may consider you know them, but you really don’t and simply take that as granted. Research has to be conducted on this matter. A nice way to start would be to think up several truly obvious key words. So, if your business is in selling cars in Wisconsin try the “buy a car in Wisconsin”, write that down with several similar key words and run all of those sneaky devils through Google’s very own Keyword Planner. You can bravely pay no attention to everything stated in the AD group ideas; however, the Keyword Ideas tab is something you can never afford ignoring. Download that data in a nice little spreadsheet and divide it into easily consumable chunks.

Now you have something to work with! You can easily find the data you will find most use to with a simple little trick: multiply the number of searches by the factor of two and divide the result by competition levels. This is a really basic way to measure things, but it’s great as a start. Remember, your primary goal is leading both users and Google to the goods you are currently willing to offer. Use the gained data in a decent manner to highlight what is truly important.

So you have several really relevant key words at your disposal, what next? Create astonishing content for them. Just remember all the content you are creating has to be unique, of fine quality and designed for humans, and not those search engines. A post stuffed with just ley words scattered around pointlessly will do more harm than good.

And that’s pretty much sums up great SEO. Surely there are still quite a few tricks up the sleeve of a true SEO guru and the story goes far beyond this seemingly simple process, but it is the basis every business owner has to understand. And leave the rest to professionals!

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