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April 21, 2015

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April 22, 2015

All You Need To Know About GIS

April 21, 2015

What is GIS?

Before we consider implementing something inside a project we have to be sure on what it is exactly. In our case GIS or Geographic Information System is any specific computer system which grants you with the following functionality:

  • Map creation
  • Scenario visualization
  • Information integration

With GIS you may easily map, model or analyze large pieces of data inside one particular database that is centered on geographical locations.

GIS is basically a wide collection of information which are stored as layers which, in turn, may be combined with a certain geographical component like the name of the street or a zip code or altitude and longitude, etc. This approach grants you with numerous abilities such as:

  • You can get a display of information about
    • Population
    • Transport
    • Economic activity
    • Hydrography
    • Geography
    • And so much more

All that thanks to series of layers pinned to one certain location.

Is it useful to you?

Perhaps, the decision is still up to you entirely however I may tell you how GIS can and should be used. You will get access to nice pinned layers of relevant information about multiple things a certain location may be proud with like the economy, human resources, weather and so much more. If all that is crafted within a single app you will literally get the ultimate guide to one certain spot designed in a comfortable and convenient manner.

With apps that are GIS customized users are free to gain from accurate location data and can find, let’s say, a hospital or a diner with ease and without breaking a sweat. And you do want them to feel comfortable with your app, right?