Amazing Ways of Making Inside-App Payments Pay Off

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 9, 2015

Amazing Ways of Making Inside-App Payments Pay Off
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Even free applications may make you a lot of money. There are many ways of achieving such results from advertising to whatever else your imagination may come up with. One of the fairly best ways of earning money with applications is implementation of in-app shopping or purchases.

But users will not blindly buy all you might have to offer. In-app purchases are tricky and tale a lot of effort and creativity from ones wishing to succeed in this field. This article will explore several great methods of selling your virtual goods through in-app purchases.

  • Your game should increase difficulty. Start easy, so more players are used to your app and become comfortable with it. If a game is interesting from the start players will be more engaged with it hence they will be spending more time in it. Avoid constraints and restrictions for users who are not purchasing anything, give them a chance to experience the game. Thus session time grows and whales or people purchasing a lot inside the game are, by the way, more likely to appear. And if a user who is trying to beat the game with skill only for a while, meaning he is find of the app will most likely end up buying an expensive gun to beat that final boss with less time. Just don’t make bosses unbeatable without purchases. They have to be difficult though.
  • Have unlockable content in your app. So tare many bonus features or materials that are irrelevant to main functionality but are making life inside the app more simple or pretty. A great touch is when unlockable content is something blurry. People should have the general idea of what you are offering but a little mystery should trigger their curiosity. For example in a racing game don’t display all the locked cars. The car name may be known, nut the image is to be concealed so users are not aware how does the car look exactly.
  • Make content that may be unlocked if several special conditions are met (like social media shares or deep through-game progress). And make that content available for purchase as well, so the most eager ones will not have to wait.
  • Also a great practice is giving people samples of magic they can do with your purchasable content. Thus people are aware what they are spending money on, hence are doing so more often.
  • Make your players want more. If it’s a nice game we are talking about make a really amazing gamely that lures users and make some vital resource that is never enough. It may be cool-down period after a race that takes a while or amount of moves a player may make in one turn. And allow more of this goodness as a purchase. Though this trick only works in really fascinating apps people wish to spend a lot of time in.
  • A nice option may be done if you have few services in your app that are not different in functionality but are different in size like small, medium and large packs of in-app currency. There is this thing called the decoy effect. Meaning you should sell the small pack for, let’s say $5, the large pack for $10 and the medium pack, attention, for $8.50. There ought to be a rather large difference between large and medium offers (like, let’s say 50, 100 and 200 coins per purchase accordingly). That way less people will go for the $5 deal and more will go for the $10 deal hence it seems like a hell of a deal.

Those are but a few tricks that may help you earn more money. But they are the best working ones, s you are free to try them out and find out for yourselves.