Amazon is to reveal its exclusive Android App Store

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 31, 2011

Amazon is to reveal its exclusive Android App Store
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Android fans soon are going to receive a new place to shop because in a few weeks Amazon is setting up its new Android app store. Google’s Android Market seems to face some tough competition with this new development.

Found at AndroidNews

Starting this week, a blogger from Android News Germany site just happened to visit Android app store by Amazon and to his surprise, he discovered a horizontal slide bar with 48 popular apps that were shown with price listings. The most amusing is that majority of these prices were somewhat lower than price of Android Market. However the web page wasn’t in working condition and through clicking it only landed to the Homepage of Amazon. The other interesting fact is that here for free was not listed a single application. Even such game applications as Force Recon, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare were entirely new and are not available in Android Market. There was also in news that Rovio is to launch its new AngryBirds: Rio game solely in Amazon’s app store.

Android application development is increasing  very fast and Android market is taking a great part of worldwide share. 

Amazon’s App Store Future

Amazon has revealed its forthcoming launch of Android app store in January this year. Nevertheless it is difficult to foretell the output of this price war between a software giant and a retailer at this point of time, the quite obvious thing is that Android developers and consumers are distinctly going to derive benefits. But when it comes to the yearly fee for developers, the charge from Amazon will be $99, somehow higher if to compare with only $25 from Google. Though Amazon most likely will diminish the fee for early birds and also it will offer incentives to its developers.

Comments from Steve Job

Some people including Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO seem are unhappy with announcement of Amazon. Steve Jobs said that additionally to own app marketplace of Google, Amazon, Vodafone and Verizon have all revealed that they are developing their own app stores for Android – consequently there are going to be at least 4 app stores on Android that clients mush search among to find out the application they wish. That is going to be a mess for both developers and users. Except for these various options, all are uneasily waiting for the official launch of the Amazon Android app store. He also added that there is a hope that it will come live soon.