Android Developers Conference

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 19, 2011

Android Developers Conference
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Android Development ConferenceThis week Android Developer Conference took place in San Francisco. Developers discussed many topics there, like how to make the interfaces better, the ways of saving the battery`s life, and the integration of clothing with software.

Two Google`s senior software developers, Chet Haase and Romain Guy gave the keynote at the conference on Tuesday, Motorola and American Express also keynoted at the conference.

The countless number of features of Androif 4.0 were showed off in their keynote, that has a code name “Ice Cream Sandwich” (ICS). It was said that there are a lot of new APIs in Android 4.0, however old APIs won`t disappear.

As Haase and Guy said, many changes were made to ICS applications and interface, such as fixes and improvements to prior behaviors. Other behaviors were designed to improve mobile Internet experience.

Guy said “I don`t like when numerous websites give me the mobile version of their websites. Now there is a propper feature when a user can request a desktop version of the website. Users can synchronize Chrome with bookmarks if they use it on their desktops, and there are also about UI 16 tabs.”

“Now we have new underlying toolkit features and fresh ways in GUIs build. New TextureView can adress SurfaceView`s limitations and replace it. Mouse input and stylus were also added, a spell-checker and a pluggable dictionary now appended.”

“To make layouts more easier is our goal. In advance, users could have only few layouts: one for tablets, one for vertical, and one for horizontal. Now users can have a grid layout.”

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