Android Silver Series

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 19, 2014

Android Silver Series
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Google has finally confirmed that the Nexus series will not be scrapped but has kept mum about their upcoming smartphone Series termed as Android Silver Series. Android Silver Series is expected to be on of the most amazing and awesome series form Google next year. After the success of Nexus 5, this time Google is aiming big with the Android Silver line of production. It expects to compete against the giants in the smartphone market at present like Samsung, Sony, HTC and Apple. All the high end products of the Giant Smartphone makers are costly as compared to the budget phone and this time it’s Google turn to bring a smartphone to compete with such Giant Manufactures.

It is expected that Android Silver will be manufactured by LG. Since after a LG personal said that nexus series is not any more in their line of production people started believing that Google might have scrapped their Nexus project of the upcoming Android Silver project. Google personal then confirmed in an interview that they have invested heavily on the Nexus and the start of new project doesn’t mean scrapping of old one’s. Recently in a shipment from US to Bangalore (INDIA) a Nexus 8 prototype was spotted, thrashing all the rumors of Nexus project being scrapped. Google is expected to unveil Nexus 6 ,or Nexus 10.2 in the IFA that will be organized in September this year.

Android Silver as of now still remains a mystery and nothing can be said about it. Some rumor suggest that Android silver is expected to provide uniform update to all the smartphone that are in Silver series just like Apple iOS and Windows Phone 8 where the updates are being rolled out for all smartphones. Android Silver is expected to be somewhat like Google Play Edition providing the users with core android features and disabling custom modification. Android has been famous for the extent to which it can be modified, Android Silver might somewhat defy this.

As of now if we look at the rumors, it says that Android Silver is expected to have a 3-4GB RAM, a 5.3 inch True IPS Display with capacitive touch and will be protected by corning gorilla glass, plus it might have a 32/64 GB internal memory capacity with expandable as an option to 128GB. It can have a primary camera of 16MP with auto focus LED and a 3-4MP secondary camera.

Since it is competing with high end smart phones it is expected to have Octa Core processor of about 3GHz and might come having the latest Android ‘L’ OS.

Some rumors say that Android silver could have been a smartwatch as LG was expected to manufacture a smartwatch a few days back. But with the launch of LG G Watch this rumors was also abandoned.

For More information on Android Silver you need to wait till there is any official news from Google itself.