Apple Plans Are Revealed

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 24, 2011

Apple Plans Are Revealed
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Usually Apple likes to hold the upcoming products under the cover but the company released a statement that it will announce new versions of the operating systems for the computers and iPhone. Also it would reveal an online service which may connect different Apple devices.

In addition the company will launch the iCloud but there is still no detailed information concerning this service. There are also speculations which allow users to get access to music, photos and videos online on different Apple devices. It is not necessary to sync the devices anymore. By all accounts it should be an online version of the iTunes. Lately, Apple met with the chief recording labels and it will allow the enterprise to order such service.

Apple published its previews of product at its official web site of the company and that is uncommon action from the enterprise which wishes to keep its new outputs secret until the official release on the market. It looks like Apple doesn’t hurry to make a release of the next generation iPhone. Products of Apple are on a yearly cycle and as the iPhone 4 saw the world in June of 2010, so the conclusion is known.

According to analysts the iPhone 5 should be released this year later, about September or October. iPhone 5 would feature a chip that is make by Qualcomm which will let it to operate with any carrier all over the world.

Consequently, iPhone application development will boost in future and will be effective for many companies.