Apple’s ‘maptastrophe’ is finally resolved?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 29, 2013

Apple’s ‘maptastrophe’ is finally resolved?
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Well, the less said about iPhone 5 map app failure, the better. However, being on of the world leading companies and having such a flaw in one of the most popular products is incompatible. Apple is eager to solve the issue, and recently words spread the solution may be near.

One of the wisest decisions a businessman can make is buying the ready solution for the problem if unable to develop the own one. Apple simply purchased the small open source location application startup. It crowdsources the vital data concerning traffic density, available walking, cycling, bus, train, taxi and ferry routes, even safe paths for strollers and wheelchair routes.

However, Apple’s lead executives did not acknowledge this was made to resolve the maps issue. Their statement was like: “We buy companies all the time without discussing the purpose of our operations”. But what other purpose may be in purchasing the company focused on maps creation with already more than 300 maps of major cities in stock? Once more a small open source and crowd based software proves to be better than the monster of the industry!

It will surely take some time before this is applied, but hopefully Apple Maps will finally become operational in a not-so-far future. Most likely this will be done previously to releasing the much anticipated IPhone 5s, because users will not forgive Apple the second fail in a row, and with Samsung Galaxy and HTC breathing at their back , Apple’s new device should be exceptional.

Nevertheless it may be too late for Apple, as Google has unleashed hell on them by releasing Google Maps for iOS 6. That tool scored 10 000 000 downloads in less than 2 days and the count is ticking. Tired and frustrated IPhone 5 users now laugh at millions spent by Apple on their project development, as Google Maps app beats it in every possible way. Locations, route explanations, voice directions, all you wanted to have for your map app is there. Feel free to use and enjoy!

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