Are You a .NET-O-Saurus?

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 3, 2014

Are You a .NET-O-Saurus?
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No matter at what level your WFC C# ninja skills are, you can become history. Like the T-Rex, a big and bold dinosaur king that was awesome even with his creepy tiny hands. The thing is that he was awesome billions of years ago and we don’t want that to happen to us, do we?

In my opinion Microsoft Developers like the new changes as much as Billy Gates loves apples. Oh, all the pointless hours studying textbooks which were as heavy as a little country somewhere in the Himalayas. Mastering all of the arcane mysteries of Windows are now senseless and all the mighty magic you wizards could use with simple clicks of your fingers now seems like carnival trickery. How’d that happen?

And what about all those hated with full heart people that cowardly ran from the glorious knowledge you had to offer just because it was too hard an too much for a mere mortal to comprehend.  They are now laughing and giggling, those infidels that were once not worth a nail on your overworked pinky.

Why is MS doing this? Just imagine how much cash is MS investing in .NET? I find it very hard to believe that they will just flush all that money right down the drain. It does not make sense at all. And, of course, there are things pretty much impossible to write in HTML, even if it’s the glorious 5, like the Adobe Photoshop and stuff like that. Come on. The MS guys are building entire server products that are entirely based on BizTalk framework. Absolutely pointless to dispose of .NET after granting it with such power.

And yet the crazy rascals are doing it with much effort. But, then again, all of this is simple angry grumping. It’s quite usual for people not to admit the changes that are coming. We even used to burn some fellers that were speaking of our loved and cared flat earth to have a round shape. I mean is that it’s certainly painful to realize that all the hard-earned knowledge and skills are attempting to become useless. Nobody wants to be the grumpy old man sitting in the yard and squaring about how bad progress is and how perfect the “good old days” were.

I’d rather you to admit that we are now living in a era and start adjusting and learning as much as hard as you’ve studied before. Become the new ultimate guru. After all the era does not mean that all has changed overnight. Everybody still has plenty of time, so don’t be a T-Rex, the awesome yet extinct.

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