Are Your Push Notification Personalized Enough?

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 19, 2015

Are Your Push Notification Personalized Enough?
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Let’s Push IT!

Some statistics for you to consider: more than 50% of customers have already downloaded applications from their favorite brands. That’s not all though. 68% of those people (meaning around 30% of all customers) keep push notifications or alerts as some call them enabled.

Push is the power no business owner may neglect. However many are not using its full potential or doing so in the way opposite from what’s right. There is a catch. You can’t mass product messages. Marketers have learned it the hard way some time ago when mass produced messages had poor effect in e-mail campaigns. They have also learned the very same thing in the very hard way with the Push Notifications.

Here are several pro tips that will dramatically assist you with your Push Notification strategy and will lead your sales to an entirely new level:

  • Start with a welcome. Its nice tone to greet a guest so how’s your user worse or different? Make a trigger that works when a user signs up for your app for the first time. A welcome message should be triggered to welcome your new customer. Thank him for choosing you over competitors and he will appreciate it.
  • Make use of customer data your users were kind enough to provide you with. A generic message sent to every single person is so last century when ink was more valuable than gold. We have internet today. “There’s a sale just for you, according to your shopping preferences’ works way better than the boring old ‘we have sales for everybody’. People wish to be unique, not everybody.
  • Engagement levels are important. Daily deals are routine. What you really are to focus on is whether users are opening the app every single time when they receive the Push. That’s what really measures engagement. If your pushes don’t work try offering other deals from your customer’s preferences.
  • Give customers a choice. They will appreciate such respect shown to their personal life from your side. Make the frequency of Pushes optional. Those may be daily deals or weekly or whatever. As long as everybody’s happy.

And you won’t even notice when your Push Messages began doing the magic for you.

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