The Art of Augmented Reality: Future is Coming

President Maxim Garkavtcev by President Maxim Garkavtcev on June 30, 2015

The Art of Augmented Reality: Future is Coming
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Augmented reality is not a fiction. Technologies of AR are aimed to expand the boundaries of visible by interacting with smartphones, sensors, cameras, projectors or other devices. Practically, augmented reality “transfers” objects from a real world into a virtual world and combines both of these in a mixed visual or interactive space. In other words, AR complements a physical world with digital elements.

“So, it is like a mysterious bridge from a real world to a digital world” – imagination suggests a compelling metaphor immediately. Basically, you are right, but in fact, it works much easier. Now, we are going to review the most striking and popular cases of using augmented reality in business or marketing-related fields.

BTL Marketing

Marketers are scratching their heads every day over the way to attract the target audience. That is why, AG technologies are widely used as an efficient and powerful marketing tool.

The main goal is to involve the audience in a bilateral real time game with a brand. No restrictions, it is a place where a fantasy works great!

Unexpected Pepsi’s BTL-Promotion. Using hidden cameras and high definition screens, the engineers created the illusion of the street behind transparent glass. But, suddenly, some “action” was added. Looks cool, works cool!

iBeacon – small Bluetooth-beacons that allow shops and malls to communicate with customers’ smartphones. The technology developed by Apple did the revolution in BTL-Marketing after its launch in Apple Stores in the US in 2013. If your favorite store has the iBeacon, you can take an advantage of its interactive map or find out everything you need about promotions using a special application.


There may be a lot of fun! Thanks to modern technologies, people have a chance to try mind-blowing entertainments. The industry of video games is a great example.

All of us know about X-Box Kinect technology, that allows gamers use their body as a full-functional gamepad.

Interactive games are not the limit in this case.
National Geographic Channel decided to let their fans to plunge into the NatGeo world.

Real Time Applications

Augmented reality technologies allow developers to think much wider. As a result, Real Time AR applications become a trend not only in marketing.

IKEA decided to use an AR for gamification to make their customers’ shopping experience more playful.

Augmented Reality can serve as an unrestrained source of fresh ideas even for music bands. Just add some digital!

The potential of using AR-Technologies is not fully esimated yet. Today, we can easily say that our generation is a witness of global changes in the world of interactive digital technologies. It seems that something incredible is born, and we are the first who have a chance to see it.