Author Rank: How to Build Your Online Authority

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 29, 2012

Author Rank: How to Build Your Online Authority
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Google policy aims to create reliable information on any website within the network. To implement it Google suggests authors building a circus of verified trust between them and their content.

Thus came into existence Author Rank (AR) . The idea was to refer authors profile to a content written by them. That could help to filter spam out the search engine.

AR is not implemented yet but it will be sure. The question left is When?

Of course, AR will never surpass Page Rank but it can supplement it to achieve the main goal of the Google. So if you are pro and sometimes post your articles on your website or blog, sooner or later you will be awarded by Google – AR will run and your online authority will rise.

What should we waiting for?

Many indications are that AR will be included in the basic ranking algorithm soon. Google concentrates on social and authorship verification. So the Google+ will expand its boundaries and competitive rate among other social networks.

What factors Google takes into account?

Google consider about 200 factors before place you in search results. Hence, we can be sure that Google will use many factors for AR as well.

There are some factors which may be in the list:

  • Average PageRank of author content;
  • Average number of +1’s;
  • Number of circles in which the author is consisted in Google+;
  • Interconnections with other popular authors;
  • Your posts in Google+;
  • External signs (like page in Wikipedia), etc.

So if you are author of many interesting posts make it work for you! Start with creation of your profile in Google+, connect it with your posts through the network and enjoy your respectability. Google gives people who create their own interesting content opportunity to be higher than spammers and users, who rewrite their high qualitative posts.


Choose your specialization and write in this way. Of course, you can write about anything you want but your content will be scattered in many domains. It is rather to be a recognized authority in one area than dispersed on different ones.

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