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Alex, PR manager

Alex, PR manager

I’ve been a Community Manager at QArea. This job has given me a lot, including the freedom to do what I love most: communication-based marketing! I build bridges based on relationships. That’s cool!

Interview with HSP Holdings Inc. CEO on successful outsourcing

January 18, 2017
Interview with CEO

When old friends who lived in different corners of the world came together and found out that they were experts in various categories of business, they decided to set up a company covering different types of holdings. That is how HSP Holdings Incorporation was born. The story of HSP is yet another proof that the foundation of every successful business is partnership of professionals who …

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QArea gets on the final list for the Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World of 2016!

October 17, 2016

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has a mission to promote and enhance mobile app quality worldwide. The award is targeted at recognizing companies that show supreme commitment to app quality. The results are based on evidence of meeting the highest quality standards and critical contribution to app quality in the mobile sphere. The judging criteria: Outstanding customer satisfaction; Fantastic quality processes; Industry contribution to the …

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World’s Leading Mobile Developers Share Their Vision of the Future of Android App Design

August 22, 2016
Android mobile app design trends

Progress never stops and every single industry in the world evolves and changes its shape over the course of the years. Look around—the world that you know is transforming dynamically and constantly. The fast-paced nature of the technology evolution mesmerizes us and often prevents us from looking far into the future. However, there are some obvious and not-so-obvious aspects of the industry that can be …

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Pokémon GO – A Vicious Marketing Mastermind Or Step One For New Gen Mobile Games?

July 22, 2016
Pokémon Go - AR development masterpiece?

Only a couple of days after its release, Pokémon GO, a rather controversial Augmented Reality game is surpassing Twitter in daily active users count. The stats speak for themselves: Over 7 million daily active users. About 4% of the population of the Roughly each 25th smartphone user. This is how many people are crazy about Pokémon GO right now in North America only. While the …

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The Top Secret Sauce of Going Beyond Unicorn

May 10, 2016
Development of a unicorn start-up

Damn, your product is awesome. With a solution like that, the sky’s the limit! Right? Then why on earth are you getting so little credit? You have the idea, the funding, and your dream-team. You work together on a shared goal. You’ve invented something outstanding. Something revolutionary. An actual innovation (the real one, without an “i” in the beginning)! And you still don’t have enough …

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3 Simple Hacks That Skyrocket Your Ranking in the App Store

April 19, 2016
Organic search is crucial for app store rankings

Everyone knows there’s a humongous amount of apps (~1.5 million!) in the App Store. But only a chosen few know that 63% of apps are discovered via random browsing. Even fewer people use this as an advantage. Would you like your app charted as an all-star user’s favorite? Sure, as would anybody. But there’s one major challenge you’ll succeed at before fame, recognition, billions of …

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QArea’s VP is attending the World Mobile Congress 2016

February 19, 2016
Mobile World Congress

Top world’s mobile gathering QArea’s VP Daniel Karlsson is going to the Mobile World Congress, the mobile industry largest world’s convention which is held in Barcelona on February 22-25, 2016.  MWC opens up outstanding business opportunities for the mobile industry which is developing at the galloping pace and is coming now at the forefront of IT technologies. This year 94,000+ attendees are expected to come …

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