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Alla, client manager

Alla, client manager

I’m a passionate customer relationship manager and I love seeing customers happy when they see their ideas brought into life.

The One Best Way to Sell and Market Your Solutions

August 11, 2015
Ferris wheel

Tim Cook states that their store includes more than 1.2 million applications. Add ones from the Play market and you will get a really sad picture. Your seemingly ultimate, supreme and useful solution ends up in a store with approximately 10K+ competing applications of the same niche and with seemingly exact value. And you know what? People have already downloaded some of those 10K apps. …

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Why Develop An app For Your Travel Business?

April 21, 2015

Customers and potential application users are everywhere. And, to say more, most of them are constantly traveling hence are in need of hotels, restaurants, diners, packing and ticket booking services. And thy can easily do most of these things from a smartphone so if you are in the travel industry and your business does not have an app you are probably missing a hell lot …

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