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Igor, Business analyst

Igor, Business analyst

There’re always some barriers between customers and development team and I consider myself to be a bridge that provides effective two-way interaction. This gives me a deep understanding of project development process and I will gladly share some of my findings with you.

6 Reasons Blockchain Technology Rocks Financial Services

February 1, 2017
blockchain technology

Though now blockchain may even not ring a bell to many people, in a few years it will be the same revolutionary, yet absolutely common thing as the Internet. The sooner you realize all the benefits it offers, the sooner you will start reaping the harvest when the blockchain era arrives. Why there is a need for blockchain technology? 1) We depend on third trusted …

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Content is King and Here’s How You Make the King Serve Your E-Commerce Purposes

September 23, 2015
credit card + notebook + phone

Sales, branding and marketing of an e-commerce platform, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C is insanely difficult today, due availability of resources, enormous competition and cheap fake merchandise that can be found all over the web misguiding and tempting potential customers. Desperate times call for desperate measures and operating an e-commerce resource in such an environment requires serious, pro-active and thought-through planning. Most …

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Malware Camouflage: How Your Banking App Gets Hacked Without You Noticing?

September 9, 2015

Malware that exists today cannot be considered as anything less than an actual masterpiece. Decent malware, that is. With today’s efforts dedicated to protection of valuable user data, especially with something as tender and delicate as bank accounts malware is pushed to its limits. It needs to be smart to survive and perform all evil deeds it was tailored to do. Watch out because minimal …

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Good Old SEO

May 19, 2015

So here you are leading your beloved business in the internet. You log into your personal Google Webmaster Tools so you get to see a great picture of 50-80% of your traffic landing on your website from those nice search engine results. Life is beautiful and it’s like quite the time to hit the beach with margaritas! Well, not exactly. Just dig a little deeper. …

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Mini Apps? And With Business Value?

May 13, 2015

Mini Apps? We are facing a new trend today that grows large with enormous speed. Hundreds of companies, both large and small are now unbundling their applications. Unbundling is a process of breaking a larger app into several mini apps, smaller pieces that provide less functionality and more streamlined experience. A nice example of this approach would be the latest changes to the messaging functionality …

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Smoking Hot Banking App Trends

April 23, 2015

What do people expect form a banking app? Users demand 27/7 access to their accounts as mobile computing grows further. They already have their favorite stores and restaurants in their smartphones as well as parking lots, schools, work places represented with appropriate apps. Users can pay taxes and inform or complaint to their local government within one app. Thus people are expecting the same level …

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Drive Social Media to Business Limits and Beyond!

April 17, 2015

Software development, as any other industry thirsts for proper usage of social media as a great tool of achieving numerous goals. What may a smart man gain from appropriate social media usage? Social media is your window to today’s world. Everybody is on it including your business partners, associates, potential candidates, friends and even competitors. Social media platforms do pay an enormous role in development …

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What Does It Take For An Educational App To Be Successful?

April 14, 2015

Mobile app development has grown far beyond just games and social media. Mobile applications that are allowing people to study on the go gain tremendous popularity today, allowing vast mobility and rich educational functionality. There is probably an app for everything today and studies are not an exception. However, despite demand is constantly rising not all applications are equally great. People will be obviously choosing …

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E-Learning Apps: The Right Way of Treating Users

April 8, 2015

E-Learning applications are gaining tremendous popularity today because they are actually allowing all kinds of people to study whatever they want on the go. This functionality does seem truly amazing however how come some apps more popular than others are and why are there still enormous amounts of unfinished courses? The answer to both these questions is one: you do not value your student’s time …

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3 E-commerce Automations Your Client Will Only Thank You For

March 31, 2015

Automation is the key to providing better quality services. You will require it for better user experience on your e-commerce platform as you are, besides all, providing services of online purchases and the more comfortable customers are with your website, the easier shopping is for them the better are your chances of succeeding in the market. But making the choice may be hard and intimidating …

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