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Maxim, AR Evangelist

Maxim, AR Evangelist

I consider AR technologies most fascinating of all, as they combine very essences of two worlds delivering digital solutions into reality. Perhaps that is why I aim at delivering high-end solutions in this niche of modern technologies and am passionate about newly opened possibilities.

AR Show-Stoppers

August 27, 2015
Augmented reality

Mobile devices are growing in numbers (and new owners) by the minute. Wireless connections are covering colossal pieces of ground thus allowing flawless information transfer flows. In the 21st century people expect jaw-dropping innovations from technology creators and thus AR was born, to answer those pleas. Augmented reality is something from the world of Sci-Fi, the world of tomorrow. When combined with wearable headsets it …

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Beginners Guide into Depth of AR Development

July 27, 2015
Beginners guide

AR (Augmented Reality) applications and solutions are considered to be the next leap towards technological miracles of the future. Despite AR technologies were used for quite a while now they were considered as mere toys for too long. Before revolutionary headsets like MS Hololens were released, or advanced marketing campaigns from top players like Pepsi and Ikea were launched – these innovations remained hidden from …

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The Art of Augmented Reality: Future is Coming

June 30, 2015

Augmented reality is not a fiction. Technologies of AR are aimed to expand the boundaries of visible by interacting with smartphones, sensors, cameras, projectors or other devices. Practically, augmented reality “transfers” objects from a real world into a virtual world and combines both of these in a mixed visual or interactive space. In other words, AR complements a physical world with digital elements. “So, it …

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AR App Development Tools: Proven Best Choices

June 28, 2015
Control room

Applications that deliver benefits of Augmented Reality to users become irreplaceable additions to numerous educational programs, marketing campaigns, gaming and navigation experiences, science, engineering and much more. But every great, innovative solution needs to be created first and accurate tools tailored to properly blend two worlds: reality and virtual elements must be looked at for deep consideration. Augmented Reality application development involves a lot of …

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AR Impact: The Future of Technologies

January 26, 2015
woman reaching for you

Augmented Reality is a breathtaking innovative solution that assists in combining two worlds: digital aspect are introduced to real life. Surely this innovative technology could not have been unnoticed, yet it is unfairly mistreated and considered as a mean for creation of games only by too many businesses, the days of the beginning where we could barely imagine something greater than animated trains rolling around …

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