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We, the authors of this blog welcome you on behalf of the entire QArea company that is behind us and our work. We will be writing about most interesting sides of the IT industry. Considering most of us are experts in the tech part of the process we will be doing our best to deliver our skills, knowledge and expertise to the business side thus decreasing the communication gap.

If you are interested in outsourcing we will deliver valuable content you will love using in your further business. If you are not interested, well, you most likely will after reading our blog and even if you will not, the information we have provided here will surely be of use to you as a businessman.

We truly expect to make a difference and to help out IT industry and community in the way we can – by sharing our experience. We’ve made mistakes and we will write about them so you won’t have to take the wrong way. We have succeeded and are willing to share how we did it so you can to. We have what to say – we will and we hope you will be interested in our opinion!

With respect,
QArea Today team:


Hi people! I love designing and I adore perfection in everything. Nothing may get me more frustrated than a broken pixel or a typo in the text. And here I am, in a perfect place for me as the chief editor of this new lovely blog. My goal will be ensuring every single idea generated from my loonies is delivered to you, because these people can really make a difference and I am proud of each and every one of them. Go, team QArea!

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Hi everyone. You all probably know that the world of tech and software is like an ant house of ideas where everybody’s busy all day long to provide people with best fitting solutions. And such solutions are released way too quickly for a mere mortal to keep up with all them on-time and gain business or personal value from them at the same time. Frankly. Lots of trash is released on a daily basis making lots of bark with no bite. Luckily there are people like me on the web that will be highlighting all that is meaningful so you don’t have to go through everything happening in the industry. Wanna be updated? Stay tuned with Alex!

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I joined QArea team as a website developer and after 11 years of successful work became CTO. Working as a developer for many years I have gained rich technical background, which allows me to deeply understand the project development process and transform customers’ desires into decent, high-quality code. I’m really passionate about web development and my goal is to find the best possible solution to any task we face. Working as a PM with my team we’ve successfully developed various interesting and challenging projects.

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I’m a passionate customer relationship manager and I love seeing customers happy when they see their ideas brought into life. It’s a real joy for me to realize the value our team delivers to every client and his product users by implementing unique and really helpful solutions. Together with my team we are making the world a better place! :)

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I’m Stacy. People often say I’m too polite, too tolerant and too resilient, but I truly believe that these are characteristics which are essential to have for a good manager. Communicating with clients closely makes me aware of what business goals they pursue, how they manage priorities, etc. Having the idea of today’s IT needs of businesses, I think I can provide some useful recommendations for interested people from this blog.

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I have always been fascinated with how technologies shift our very existence by adding entirely new levels of computing and digitalization into seemingly common things. A mere printer was a breakthrough once, yet we already have machines capable of printing even human tissues. But I would still consider AR technologies most fascinating of all, as they combine very essences of two worlds delivering digital solutions into reality. Perhaps that is why I aim at delivering high-end solutions in this niche of modern technologies and am passionate about newly opened possibilities.

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Testing and football are two things I’m really passionate about. I am a tester to the core and I am a Team Lead which already makes me responsible for several great teammates I’m proud to have. As a TL I got a great experience in managing the working process, tasks allocation and planning resources effectively. I believe this information will be useful to those who are interested in working with our team and want to know more about the process.

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Hello guys. There’re always some barriers between customers and development team and I consider myself to be a bridge that provides effective two-way interaction. This gives me a deep understanding of project development process and I will gladly share some of my findings with you. If you ask me of my free time, I just love to relax and chill with friends when I get the chance to.

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I was named Victoria and throughout my entire life I did my best to keep up with my name. Throughout my entire career I have encountered and overcome numerous challenges and am now proud with 10+ years of rich experience in such domains as financial management, auditing, accounting and strategic planning. I am used to making fast, and, more importantly, correct decisions in a rapidly-changing environment. I have invested a lot of effort towards creating an astonishing infrastructure, tailored for fast and flawless growth here, at QArea and I am willing to share my experience with you, fellow readers.

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