Automation for Combination: The New Path in App Development

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 26, 2015

Automation for Combination: The New Path in App Development
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More and more users are starting to notice that their life is overfilled with various applications of all kinds. And despite the variety may even be confusing to some all those applications are irreplaceable as they are assisting in different aspects of anybody’s ‘digital’ life. If only there was a way of combining all that functionality into one single application. Oh, wait, there is!


So there is this IFTTT Company whose name literally stands for “If This Then That” that came up with a fitting solution and a nice way of automation all your applications’ potential into one nice button. Now everything you have installed on your phone or tablet may be launched from just one place. The solution is going viral now and IFTTT has already gave birth to lots of rumor in social media and even hit CNN.

How it works?

Well the working mechanism comes straight from the name, so If This Then That is a great description of the app’s mechanisms. So, by uploading your lunch to Instagram you are triggering the app to download that same pic to Facebook or it may trigger something else based on your choices and preferences.

Basically users are allowed with potential of creating three (or more, but that would not be free) buttons responsible for various connections: Do, Note and Camera. The Do button creates a shortcut to your device’s home screen meaning it is an off/on button for all your smart devices. This button will also note your location in one of Google’s spreadsheets. Everything is pretty customizable. You can turn on your favorite movie and dim the lights for a romantic evening if you wish to with nothing but IFTTT. Note is doing the same with your text, so you can send yourself an e-mail reminder by simply typing the shopping list of yours, etc. Same for the Camera button but it will be dealing with pictures and videos.

That way is still not perfect. That’s because YOU are still missing from the picture!

What does the above mean to the software development industry? A direction that many developers should take as it is showing exactly what users require from smart devices: simplicity and functionality combined!

These Do buttons are like a demo version of the attempt you should go for – giving users a central way of controlling every single Internet of Things device they have.