Beginner Front-End Developers – Hear These Words!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 27, 2015

Beginner Front-End Developers – Hear These Words!
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Frontend development services is a flaming trend and a lit beacon today that attracts young professionals. Numerous creative and artistic natures have started to embrace technological aspects to deliver users with jaw-dropping solutions.

However new beginnings are always difficult. Thus our experts have decided to provide young, promising experts with several pieces of advice. By the way, most of following advices are applicable to hardcore professionals as well.

Keep your finger on the pulse of up-to-date innovations (occasionally)

Building sites is time-consuming. Most of you will most likely have zero available time to keep up with 100% of everything that comes out. And, frankly, that’s OK. After all you probably are working on your current project with tech that is available and well-known right now. And you know what? You will most likely use the same stack while creating your next site. With slight series of adjustments, of course. This happens due the industry requires all new achievements, creations and ingestions to be appropriately tested.

People who will pay you money for created sites will probably wish to play safe. You can easily give new trends a year or so before diving in them. That time should be enough to keep your skillset up-to-date.

As an addition, this method allows you to save lots of time as new technologies will probably get updates and fixes. Learning something when its ready will spare you from tons of re-working and re-learning.  And this brings us to…

The right way of learning new skills

How does one become a professional? He works hard and invests a lot of both time and effort into becoming better in his field of interest. The more you will work actually creating sites, the better you will become at it. No best practices, guidelines and silver bullets will help with lack of experience. After all there isn’t really even such a thing as a “best” practice. There are series of tips that are applicable here and there and you are the one to decide whether they will be beneficial to your actual product.

Work leads to problems. Problems you will have to fix on your own without any third party assistance. The way you solve these new issues is your actual skillset. And you will be surprised how repeatable issues are throughout front-end development. One can only fool you once, but not twice or three times, right?

Have a sandbox

Considering skills only come from actual work it would be a nice practice to have your own website for personal use where you can play around. Toy around with DOM or AJAX and learn something deeper than basics. Change designs and layouts to see where yor actions have lead you. Fix issues, invent new features.

Remember: practice makes perfect.