Beginners Guide for Creation a Decent Web Design Portfolio

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 22, 2012

Beginners Guide for Creation a Decent Web Design Portfolio
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What is a decent web design portfolio? At the very beginning of web design business every freelancer had questioned himself about what should he/she include in a portfolio. This issue is a tricky one, because creating a good web design portfolio means that you should have a lot of experience, but what if you are just making first steps on the path of web design business? For some people it could turn out to be a significant obstacle!

Still, if you are just at the beginning of you web design career, there is a great chance for you to create your own web design portfolio by doing projects for yourself. In reality you will be gaining your own experience that you have to use to fill your web design portfolio. However, you will learn from this article a couple of other smart ways how to create a good web design portfolio.

Firstly, you have to consider building up your own website. The process of building your own website is a real help for you in creating your own portfolio pieces. But, do not be confused – your web site is not the entire piece of your portfolio which you are going to show to your potential customers. It is going to be only a piece of it. Or rather divide it into several smaller pieces that can function as separate units in the portfolio. For example, your website’s homepage or contact forms can be a good example of your work, positioned as separate items. Even any CMS patterns can also be included in a portfolio all by themselves.

A sure way to show benefits of your portfolio is to educate yourself about different platforms so that you can provide high quality web design. Get some training and experience in web design software, as, for instance, Adobe Dreamweaver. It will surely enrich your portfolio.

A terrific idea for improving your web design portfolio, will be taking some web design classes online or private. Nobody said that there are restrictions about using your class assignments as examples of your work in a portfolio. Moreover, you will handle new techniques and thus will be able to include more complex pieces in your web design.

Do not give up just because you lack experience. It is not necessary for a web design portfolio to be overstuffed with projects commissioned for you to perform by customers, your own project, performed to improve your skills are also welcomed to be part of the portfolio. Be rewarded for your work!