Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 2, 2012

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Nowadays more and more IT companies are interested in offshore outsourcing and they have sufficient warranty for it. Offshoring enables companies to reduce their costs up to 40% and gives some more benefits we would like to tell you about.

IT companies choose offshore outsourcing development for various reasons and with different intentions among which are:

  • cost cutting;
  • funds reallocation;
  • time-to-market reduction;
  • focusing on the customer;
  • resource access.

Now let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Benefits of software outsourcing

Cost cutting

When there are too high rates for resources on the domestic market or there are no required resources at all then offshore outsourcing is the best solution to such kind of problem. Of course, you can pay no attention to this until your company doesn’t need cost saving and doesn’t act under the fierce competition’s conditions. But do such companies exist today?

Actually, there are three problems concerning cost saving that offshore outsourcing helps to deal with:

  • recurring costs is not your problem anymore;
  • offshoring cuts labor costs;
  • it converts FC into VC.

Funds reallocation

Offshore outsourcing enables you to free up funds for functions and services that you were not able to deliver before that. With outsourcing, you don’t need to possess and maintain additional technologies, hardware or office infrastructure anymore. An offshore provider will do it for you!

Time-to-market reduction

Production cycle reduction and delivering services faster and more efficient are the most important competitive advantages for any modern company. Due to the availability of ready-to-use office infrastructure and work force at any time you like you will be able to reduce your time-to-market significantly.

Focusing on the customer

When you outsource your functions you are able to focus primary on things which are of the most importance for your business. One of those things is your dear customer. With outsource you will be able to forget about all technical problems and to keep your mind on marketing, branding, agility, and efficiency.

Resource access

Finally, offshore outsourcing provides you with unlimited access to a resource pool with no need to overpay. You will be able to engage high-qualified and experienced workforce that may be hard to find in your country.

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