The One Best Way to Sell and Market Your Solutions

Business Relationship Manager by Business Relationship Manager on August 11, 2015

The One Best Way to Sell and Market Your Solutions
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Tim Cook states that their store includes more than 1.2 million applications. Add ones from the Play market and you will get a really sad picture. Your seemingly ultimate, supreme and useful solution ends up in a store with approximately 10K+ competing applications of the same niche and with seemingly exact value. And you know what? People have already downloaded some of those 10K apps. Why would they bother to install your creation?

The problem

Modern world of business-oriented app development has faced a large threat. There are too many apps by now. It’s not that humanity no longer requires new fantastic IT creations. It’s just that people are tired from ‘average’. Your customers don’t want any other commonly useful application alike thousands of others presented by now. In fact, they will not care a tiny little bit about your brainchild if it’s not different in a good way. Simple apps of solid quality and decent levels of security are not something one can easily sell nowadays. It’s all about being unique and creating a buzz.

How does one actually deal with these kinds of issues?

Your business has a determined USP, right? So should your app. And, considering apps are much more flexible in terms of both marketing and development you can go for some of your boldest ideas normal flow of business does not allow.

Imagine you are a company that sells coffee. A simple QR code on a pack of your product can do miracles with appropriate software. Just imagine people could follow the trip of coffee beans from the place where they were grown and harvested and straight into their pack after all necessary work was done in your factory.

Now imagine adding value of Augmented Reality into this kind of a solution. People could go through a journey their coffee beans have made via powerful image, video and 3-D visualization. Possibilities are limitless and imagine the buzz your app will cause throughout social media? Your brand awareness and customer loyalty will skyrocket simply because you’ve done things right, and not like your looser competitors.

Additional tips

Here are several great ideas you may try out:

  • If you are not 100% sure what your customers expect from you and your app – go ahead and ask them directly.
  • Only offer valuable functionality. You may stuff your app with calculators, GPS modules, synchronizers and much more but it will be nothing more than an expensive toy that cost you a whole lot of dollars of investments. Why bother if people won’t use those features?
  • Focus on your business offers and expand them.
  • Pay as much attention to design UX and UI as possible. People buy looks, not feels.
  • Don’t forget to add social sharing functionality. You do want to go viral, right?