Bill Gates Highlights Project from QArea’s Portfolio

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 25, 2018

Bill Gates Highlights Project from QArea’s Portfolio

It’s amazing how many life-changing tools you can carry in your bag – Bill Gates

Awhile ago, we developed a solution that allows people in Liberia get medical help in time — Last Mile Health. In the country, where 4 million people use the medical services of 51 doctors, a digital solution that provides online digital help anytime anywhere can be truly life-saving.

Earlier this year, Bill Gates went to Liberia and met Dr. Raj Panjabi, a co-founder of the Last Mile Health. The distant health provider solution caught his attention and ultimately led to the entire blog post about the product, developed by our team.

Ultimately, there’s no getting around the need for a primary health care system with well-stocked clinics and staff. Community health workers are a good complement to a functional primary health care system and a step in the right direction for places that don’t yet have one (like Liberia). As Raj says, no one should die simply because they live too far from a doctor. It’s great to see him and his colleagues trying to make that idea a reality. We need more passionate innovators like them.

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We developed a product that has to function without the Internet connection to enable medical help literally for anyone. So our developers designed a custom protocol that enables Bluetooth as the main form of communication in Windows and mobile applications. Since then, the product has evolved a lot – for instance, Last Mile Health has also created a backpack with life-saving medical tools.

The application has already helped more than 280,000 people and is noticed by the greatest influencers in the industry. We are honored to see that our software development projects turn into such great initiatives that actually help to make a world a better place.

Do you have an idea that might be life-changing? Well, now you know what to do – just contact us, and we can develop a cutting-edge product — just like this one.