Palm BugHunting Season Started

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 14, 2004

Palm BugHunting Season Started

September 15, 2004 – BugHuntress QA Team releases the fully commercial version of BugHuntress Test Suite. It is a pioneering tool for automated software testing services designed specially for professional Palm OS software developers.

BugHuntress is a client-server system with Windows server that enables to perform testing both on Palm OS devices and their emulators by comparing the result with reference values at control points. The system’s flexibility allows to script any test plan and easily carry out functional, output and stress testing. Test Suite is especially convenient for regressive testing, when changes to program code are continually made throughout software lifecycle.

The main advantage of BugHuntress Test Suite is test reusability for different Palm powered devices which speeds up the testing process and significantly reduces development costs. BugHuntress Test Suite requires no additional hardware and provides the ability to automate the testing process by scripting the whole test scenario. All scripts for BugHuntress are created in MS JScript combined with BugHuntress’ special commands. Test scripting does not require deep knowledge of JScript, because Test Suite supports the option of automatic session conversion into scripts.

The emerge of BugHuntress Test Suite is due to BugHuntress QA Team extended experience accumulated in its domain, testing of applications for mainly handhelds. The gained practical experience in testing multiplied by the typical testing scenarios and test plans for Palm applications resulted in an automation tool allowing QA engineers worldwide put aside routine manual testing and dedicate themselves to more creative quality tasks.

In BugHuntress Team future plans is adding more is useful features and OSs to BugHuntress Test Suite functionality. Among them are Win CE, Symbian and Java platforms.

About BugHuntress QA Group

BugHuntress QA Group was founded in 1998 as Quality Assurance oriented department of an independent software development company QArea, Inc. aimed to ensure the highest quality of the applications produced. Wide experience gained while working as QArea’s department and high demand on custom software testing services gave the team an idea to promote their services under a new brand, BugHuntress. Since than BugHuntress Team has proven their capabilities with software development companies worldwide and is also famous for its pioneering tool for Palm OS applications automated testing, BugHuntress Test Suite.

In 2015 BugHuntress, a known software testing, QA and QC outsourcing service provider, was rebranded into a newer, better form with more shine and improved quality of delivered solutions.

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