Boosting Battery To The Stars

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 15, 2014

Boosting Battery To The Stars
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Your laptop is dead? Again? But you’ve gust charged it! So how does one prevent such happenings?

Darn you, stupid machine!

No matter how tough your laptops battery is its still tends to run out of charge in the most inappropriate moment. This has happened to every lucky laptop owner at least once (Oh, who am I kidding, all the time!).Whether you were just watching a movie or participating in a .net application development, or destroying the final boss or whatever. But is there nothing you can do with it? Certainly there is!

Know your devise!

Only pure knowledge of how is your laptop using energy can grant you extra power over it. After knowing the processes that are going on you can stop them if they are not relevant. And most of them are not. Let’s see through several ways of decreasing power loss. Some may not be appropriate for you, thus you will be able to choose other approaches. Even one or two instructions followed will give you some extra time to finish that report/finish watching that movie/winning that game session.

  • PROCESSOR. The processor is having luxury dinners with more than a half of the entire charge. And we all know that overeating is bad. So how to put him on a diet? This here step depends on the version of Windows you are using and the processor that is in the machine. In the older ones go to the control panel. Then to power options. Then choose the advanced power settings selection. From there you can adjust the max processor state. In order to maintain balance choose 95%. If you go less it will be impossible to work. The same trick works with newer processors. Yet with slight differences. If you laptop is equipped with processors newer than Haswell you are free to go way beyond the 95% mark. Play with the settings to adjust the ultimate productivity. Yes it may take a bit more that 1 second to commit the operations required, yet it might be worth the effort. By the way, your system will have the Intel’s Turbo Boots. Thus you won’t need to be lurking through settings.
  •  Have more RAM. The more RAM the laptop has, the less virtual memory is your system using. The less virtual memory it is using, the more battery charge you will have.
  • RESOLUTION. The less pixels your screen has, the better for the battery. Shure if you want an awesome gaming or filming experience that is not an option, but it will do great for work (and a few YouTube videos, if you want). And don’t forget to turn your display off when not using the laptop. Or you can set it to auto switch of after a period of time the cursor was not moved in the settings. Or even put the device to sleep. That’s even better.
  • Be wise with your APPS. Switch off the ones that you are not using. The widgets, the GPS, whatever. If it’s off – the battery is safer. WIFI and Bluetooth are extra hungry.
  • Clean your laptop at least once a month. It will be a power eater from Hell, when dirty.