Bridge The Fall Between You And Users!

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 22, 2015

Bridge The Fall Between You And Users!
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Users are the core of everything you ever develop. However both business side and the development team have different ideas of what user wants. For example if somebody wishes an app where he can chat with friends developers see the back-end integration, security issues and device compatibility challenges while businesses see revenue and new ways of earning money. It is not bad, all those and more things have to be considered however development should be user-centric. After all what is the point of any amazing app nobody uses?

The bridge

Such an approach has already delivered an enormous gap between all involved parties like developers, users and the business. Whilst skilled and experienced developers may breach this gap and try walking in end users shoes if the project demands so business owners are often considered with all kinds of things instead of focusing on what really matters – the user. Here are several tips that will eventually help your business and may even become lifesavers to some:

  • Research first, determine what your target audience desires and what would they expect. Start thinking like a 12-year old male white child if you are developing an app for him. Using personas helps a lot in this step as well as research and more research.
  • First of all there are always some key users. People whose opinion matters like bloggers, reviewers or even celebrities. Try finding out what would they expect from an app? Use that knowledge.
  • Test software with users before it is released. Find groups of people that are amongst your target audience and may actually be interested in the product. Let them play around with the app. Note their experience and value their opinion.
  • You are amazing, you really are however you can’t always be right, no one can. Arrogance is often the biggest sin businesses are falling to. Sure your ideas may be revolutionary but then again, they might not be so great and listening to what others have to say, especially end users is vital to a business.
  • Keep things simple. Users love what they can do with new innovative technologies but they hate actually being forced to make more than one easy swipe of a thumb. People require something that works. They don’t need to understand how it worked nor should they otherwise you would have been out of business. Clear and simple solutions that are intuitive and common are just what the doctor ordered in 99.9% cases. You may desire to deliver more features or functionality yet it will only add more complexity users will hate.

These few little steps have actually helped multiple businesses as for now and, perhaps you will gain something from this piece of content? We hope so.

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