BugHuntress QA Lab celebrates its 5th anniversary

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 18, 2006

BugHuntress QA Lab celebrates its 5th anniversary

Kharkiv, Ukraine June 19, 2006 BugHuntress QA Lab, the leading tester of applications for PDAs and smartphones being, in its time, the originator and of the pioneering BugHuntress Test Suite an automated testing system for PDA applications on Palm OS compatible handhelds and emulators working on Palm OS 3.0-5.4 now celebrates its 5th anniversary.

“In this connection we want to congratulate and thank all our multiple but each one of highly valued customers and partners for the efficient and mutually beneficial work. You are part of our success and we appreciate that,” said Dmitry Makhno, BugHuntress QA Lab’ Manager. “We would like to express our appreciations to all of them either minor and major ones1, old and new ones, and extend it to the future ones.”

As an independent team, BugHuntress QA Lab has sprung off its mother offshore software development company QArea. During this period our Team has grown up from 15 testers into a software testing company which QA activity is presented by Customer Dedicated QA Teams, QArea’s current software development projects testing department, and individual high qualified QA experts. At the moment we full time employ 40 experienced professionals.

Since 2001, BugHuntress Team performed 41 projects, satisfied 18 customers and the majority of them make reprisal to BugHuntress by continuing this cooperation. The amount of business increased 4 times, at rough estimates.

BugHuntress QA Lab provides merely all software testing techniques such as Automated/Manual Testing (including Automated Testing Systems), Black/White Box Testing, Function/Regression Testing, Configuration Testing, Exploratory Testing, Installation Testing, Load and Stress Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and System Testing.

The BugHuntress team expertise embraces various platforms: desktop (Windows, *nix, MAC) and handheld and special (WinCE/Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew, RIM, J2ME and others) and various applications (standalone, client-server, embedded software), as well as system research.

Traditionally strong expertise and approach BugHuntress QA team exerts in software QA and testing on handhelds mobile phones and PDAs. The depot of devices for QA and testing needs has recently replenished with new ones and now is comprised of over 90 phones and 40 PDAs. The team has accumulated special expertise in such domains as mobile games and gambling, security, multimedia, e-commerce, UI, etc.

Specifically interesting and challenging projects involved knowledge of cryptographic and IT security issues: there are a few data protection and IT security research and development laboratories (public IT security inclusive) in Kharkiv, and BugHuntress QA Lab and its mother company QArea employs professionals strong in this domain.

Another accomplishment of BH Team is its successful startup with porting activities in cooperation with QArea developers. Since last year they have successfully ported five mobile games among Brew, J2ME, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms; and a few dozens of cross-device ports.

About BugHuntress QA Lab: The company was founded in 1998 as an independent software development and testing company. Wide experience in QA gained by the team and high demand on software testing services transformed the QA department into a new brand BugHuntress QA Lab (testfort.com). BugHuntress QA Lab in cooperation with its QArea owner-company has developed a variety of cross-platform software solutions for business, security, healthcare and gaming industry.

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