What is Required to Build an Amazing Career In Development?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 7, 2015

What is Required to Build an Amazing Career In Development?
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What may be more inspiring than success stories? Pretty much nothing. But there is one tiny little detail. Have you ever seen two exactly same success stories? I find it doubtful, as all of them are different in events, character motivation, persuaded goals, etc. But do they really have nothing in common? Of course they do. Only positive, strong sides of a person are making him or her capable of achieving a real-deal dream-come-true. This can’t be more correct as there has to be something to motivate people in their thirst of achieving something big, thus I’m happy to deliver several fresh and inspirational tales to you. Stories that are happening in every single software development company.

  • Find a good teacher! – Ralph Morgan, Software Architect. Back at the day, when I was 16 or so I had a strange thrust for programing. So I got myself a book on C/C++ and began studying. God have I worked hard but it just seemed too difficult so, after some time I quit coding. But, apparently it was destiny as I was eager to code deep inside. So, in two whole years I began my bachelor studies in IT and Computer Science. I got my first job before I even graduated, now I’m an Architect and it’s all thanks to Mr. Zitherist, the man who taught me to code and guided me through a difficult journey every beginner makes!
  • Follow your instincts! – Sam Peterson, Principal Architect. It was somewhere around mid-nineties when some mysterious voice inside my own head began blabbering about how big will web become in a few years. So I asked my boss for a transfer to a tiny team of three developers that were at the time doing some web-based software. I was a development manager at that time so the transfer meant a demotion for me, yet I still asked my boss to do it. I look at myself now and wow, I’m a Principal Architect at my development company and web revolutionizes the world!
  • Be multifunctional! – Simon Selleys, startup owner. I began as a guy that was supposed to support one of the first modems in my old company. Then they needed a small piece of software for it so I agreed. Within time (and until I got bored of being used) I was doing a hell lot of various tasks. All of them were tiny and it was like I’m the only guy in the entire company capable of maintaining IT equipment. I did not study for an engineer for that! Still, that experience sure came in handy when I decided to quit and to begin with my own startup. After all I already had at least some skills in all I’ve ever needed with my own business.

Those are some stories just to keep you encouraged. Work hard, be of straight spirit, follow your instincts and you are pretty much nailing your career, trust me.