Building A Successful App From Scratch An A Bit Of Idea

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 20, 2014

Building A Successful App From Scratch An A Bit Of Idea
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How come a game about launching birds at pigs from a slingshot is so awesome?

Angry Birds as brought over $ 500 million to its creators thus it’s no wonder many people wish to do the very same as all seems quite easy, right? Well, the only easy part here is the technical side of the app’s creation. And it’s the idea that matters to a truly successful application. One may not simply make a game about moles that are launched at porcupines from a slingshot and hope for this ‘unique’ idea to be as successful as the birds. With an average person’s gaming experience it’s quite hard to confuse somebody else’s idea as your own when brainstorming on an idea of your future application. So what does it take to create the perfect little app?

  • Thick outside the box. Your idea has to be unique rather than stolen from something more successful (whether intentional or not).
  • Go for the masses. An app as successful as angry birds has to be likable and easily understood by anybody with an IQ higher than the one of a chimpanzee.
  • Make sure the interface is colorful and the game (if it is a game, that is) is challenging. People have to gain new skills in your game in order to beat it. Generally speaking you are to make people eager to return to your app.
  • The really game has to be hard, yet beatable (go away Flappy Bird, I hate you and 11 phones I’ve broke already!)
  • If it’s a sequel we are currently talking about then don’t rush with it’s release. Make people beg you for a sequel.

If you are not a professional developer or designer, well, that is in no way a thing to worry about as long as your idea is with you. If you can develop and are lousy with design or you are better that Picasso, yet ruby code is like a Martian language to you there are always plenty of people you may outsource a piece of work to without even leaving home. Thus get up from the couch and follow your dream.

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