Building Your Very own Home-Entertainment Network Easy As That!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 27, 2014

Building Your Very own Home-Entertainment Network Easy As That!
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Get up from the couch

We do live in the 21st century. You do not have to be in front of your TV device to gain all of its entertainment. There are PC’s, cellphones, tablets, whatever other devices you poses. So why not connect them with each other? Thus you will have your own, personal cloud, filled with favorite media services.

You won’t be needing much to do so. Here is a list of things you may as well poses already:

  • Wi-Fi router
  • A device for extended network coverage (if necessary)
  • Network-attached storage device (NAS)
  • Set top device/media extender to connect your TV to the network (if it can’t on its own)

Make it work

Let’s begin with a router. The network will be the center of the entire ‘fun home’ project. You will require a fast and stable connection. Thus choosing a proper router is crucial. I’d rather it to be dual-band. That means that the router will (oh, who am I explaining this to? You probably already know all about routers, yet I’ll write about it here just in case) be capable of simultaneous management of bandwidth-intensive applications on two frequencies. The commonly used 2.4Ghz will grant you access to mail or the usual stuff of the same value, when the 5Ghz frequency will be enabling all the cool stuff like HD videos, etc.

Now to the extended coverage device. If you have a really big house or flat you will need one of those as a bridge that will connect distant space with the network.

The media storage. Sure you may keep it all on your PC, but your hard drive will be crowded. That’s where NAS’s take their place. All of your media will be stored in one place, and will be more secure, by the way. Such devices are not too big and may be attached to your router making it even more convenient. And they will be accessible by all of your devices.

Connect your TV to all that magnificence. Nowadays smart TVs are supporting most of the stuff that may be interesting to us. Yet if you possess an older model there is no reason to panic and/or running to the shop for a newer device. There are multiple tools and accessories that are available in stores for these purposes.

When all is connected

When you connect all of the mentioned above together you will have a nice wireless network granting you access to entertainment wherever you are and with whatever device is currently in your hands 9if it’s not a toaster, of course). The entire system will be like the gaining popularity cloud services, yet it will be for your use only.So enjoy relaxing at home even while doing chores.