Burnout in IT: Ways to juice up your battery

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 9, 2015

Burnout in IT: Ways to juice up your battery
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IT sphere is a very attractive and lucrative one. Yet, it is quite demanding and tough, developing at a galloping pace. Burn-out is especially pertinent to startups and IT outsourcing due to fierce competition. Excessive workload along with long hours may trigger severe cases of fatigue and burnout. The best way to prevent this is to keep tabs on your levels of tiredness. If you start feeling overwhelmed, you’d rather start sparing and refilling your resources. If left unattended, the stress may become chronic and you will end up totally drained, short of motivation, and swarmed by negative thoughts. But If you haven’t noticed the signs of looming burnout and it has already arrived, there are some helpful tips to remedy the situation:

Take regular exercise. Sport helps you to curb stress and boost your confidence. Team up with your colleagues, join a gym, start doing yoga or morning jogging. Almost anything will do as long as as you get moving and improving your blood flow.

Socialize more. Spend more quality time with your family and friends. Harmonious and robust relationships with close people make you healthier and happier.

Delegate tasks. Spot tasks which you find most stressful and try to delegate them whenever possible or at least break them into parts and give yourself more time to fulfil them.

Digital detox. Spend some time off unplugged from devices. Find a tech-free shelter, where you can stop digesting tons of information and finally recharge your batteries. Unplug from virtual life and get connected to more real things.

Start learning something new. Assembly line workers are considered amongst the most stressed ones. The more stuck in a rut, the more sick and tired you are. Take a learning or training course you find exciting and challenging. Win back your passion!

Explore your company. Networking with colleagues will give you a nice perspective on the opportunities and benefits existing beyond your team. If you learn more about your company, you will identify which stressful situations are faced within your department and which ones are common in the whole enterprise.
Reward and appreciate yourself. Underestimating oneself leads to lack of motivation and apathy. Psychologists say that money isn’t the driving force that keeps you going. Human nature calls for appreciation and sense of purpose. Reclaim your inner goals!

Take a break. Spend some time traveling, away from the routine. A little sabbatical will definitely juice you up.

And remember: the quality of your rest affects the quality of your performance.