Business Owners Put a Dislike to a New Facebook’s Rating System

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on January 28, 2014

Business Owners Put a Dislike to a New Facebook’s Rating System
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rating systemFacebook introduced a new rating system of pages, allowing users to rate between one to five stars. But instead of positive reaction it got many negative feedbacks, especially from business owners. Maybe it is because people usually meet everything new with caution and there is a chance that it will be understood and accepted by time. Let’s see what it is and why it was met with negative feedbacks.

Before there were rumors that soon Facebook will introduce a new button- a “Dislike” button, being an opposite one to famous “Like” button. I heard that many people were against it, so as you see they didn’t bring it through. The next rumors were about 5-stars rating system. Maybe many people thought that again it will not go through, but this time seems like it will go out. It is still in testing stage and allows users give star ratings to businesses and locations directly from their page on, even if they haven’t been to the location. There is an option to change your rating once you have visited the before-rated by you place.

Facebook claims that by adding a public rating feature, it would allow users to share more concrete opinions or learn more about a business or restaurant.  Facebook hopes it will compete with the likes of Yelp and FourSquare.

Owners of some small businesses said that this system confuses them, as they are not able to understand what the negative comments, if happen, relate to.

It has been created an anti-Facebook-ratings page soon after the launch of the rating system software testing. People say that the system has many bugs and flaws and they complain mostly on that there is no possibility to respond to reviews or that the ratings are left anonymously with no real written reply. A person can also put a low rating but write a positive review. The owners just want to understand what is going on. So far the system only brought confusion to the minds.

As always, there is another side. There are some business owners who liked that new option by admitting that the idea was actually good. Though, even such people were happy not about everything. One woman said that she would like to have an opportunity to respond to the customers’ complaints, as this will bring good attitude.

Facebook did not comment on the feedback yet, as the launch time hasn’t arrived yet.

All we have left is to wait and see what happens next.