By QArea: the Beakun Beacon

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 8, 2015

By QArea: the Beakun Beacon
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QArea, a software development company, has just finished working on Beakun project and we are excited to share results with you. A website and an Android app have already been developed as well as an app for iOS so let’s talk about Beakun itself for a little bit.


A solution which will allow users to know who exactly plays live music now or has a sale going on or happy hours or any other event that may be of interest to somebody. This solution is like a digital representative of a beacon granting users with robust info about interesting things despite any possible distances and obstacles. It’s all about the light you see that guides you.

Light is fast and spreads all over with ease making itself a perfect beacon showing people whatever is going on here or there. Beakun does the same, uses lights to show you exactly what is going on anytime, anywhere, anyplace. You know where you love going, now you know what’s going on there without the need to be there at the first place.

Eric-GazeExperience from development

We, at QArea have surely enjoyed our cooperation and collaboration with Gaze Unlimited. Surely the path was not easy and we faced quite a few pitfalls, however we have managed to overcome them with pride and grace and more importantly – together.

The application as well as the website have turned out just lovely and, most importantly they are quite intuitive (hence following a beacon is in our blood) and, most importantly, user friendly.

Here are some words from Eric Gaze, CEO at Gaze Unlimited LLC about our work on the beakun project in a format of a small, friendly interview:

What was your experience form from working with your project development team?

I worked with them for close to a year. So, it ran the gamut of emotions. Some days were excellent, others not so much. All in all, it was a great experience that taught me more than I imagined.

What was the most enjoyable for you during the work on Beakun?

I really enjoyed working with the developers on a day to day basis. We had our regular meeting times, went over the day’s progress, made adjustments, and set plans for the next day. In between the work, I got to know each of them on a semi-personal level, which was very cool. Geographically, we’re worlds apart, but we still have shared values and similarities. Hearing about another culture and perspective was enlightening.

Was the final result exactly what you’ve planned to receive? Or some changes and improvements were made during the development process?

Oh man, so many changes were made. The whole thing was a learning process and we made adjustments as we went. The final product is very close to what I hoped this site would be.


How satisfied are you with the result of our cooperation?

I’m very satisfied.

What were the hardest sides and the pitfalls you have faced while the development process?

I think communication is always the hardest part for any organization. For us, it was slightly enhanced because we’re speaking through skype, sending screenshots instead of looking at the same monitor and pointing out different things in person. That slowed us down a bit.

I thought the coding would be hard, but the team was incredible about writing custom code and making my dreams a reality.

A final difficulty was that we, and me especially, were learning as went. We didn’t have a set plan and specifications when we set out. It was just an idea we were working towards. We had the designs but not a written plan or understanding of how things were to interact and flow. That made for a lot of start and stop.

What is the most challenging part on project development cycle for you as a customer?

I came to this almost as green as one can be, in terms of experience with building and designing websites. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just knew what I wanted. How long that would take, how difficult it would be, how to communicate it; that was all foreign to me. That was all challenging, especially communicating and setting expectations.

Also, trusting the team was hard at first. There are loads of unscrupulous people out there and I’ve run into my share of them. To give over all access to this project that is so near and dear to me and trust to a team half way around the world was nerve-wracking. Each and every time, though, they came through for me.

Is the application successful in the market? Does it serve your business needs?

I can’t say for certain if it’s successful in the market because we just launched a few days ago. But, I can say that it’s what I was aiming for and I’m very happy with it.

So surely you are full of emotions after the project was finished, what are they?

Oh man. Relief is the first one. Ha! This has been a long road, longer than I thought, and I’m so relieved to have completed it. There’s joy, excitement – I’m so happy with the products and really proud of them.

Then there’s some fear and trepidation- will the market like it? Does it successfully, intuitively solve the problem it was designed for? Will people understand it? Use it? Enjoy using it?

Finally, there’s hope; hope that people will like it and find it useful; that we’ll be able to continue to improve it; that it will help businesses attract more customers and help people find fun and exciting things to do, to turn off the TV or computer, meet people in their communities, and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Also, if you are interested in the technical aspect you are free to visit this case and find out more about the beakun beacon!