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5 reasons why Artificial Intelligence development won’t be the same in 2019

June 14, 2018

We are so used to saying that Artificial Intelligence is a software development trend that we end up ignoring an important detail. AI is not just a technology but a complex structure of available methods and algorithms that include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and so on. And what about new Artificial Intelligence trends? AI might be a trend itself but there are domains that …

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3 tips how to make a good cloud disaster recovery plan

October 2, 2015

What is DRP Disaster recovery plan is a plan which describes the procedures a business has to follow to handle potential disasters. It covers consistent steps which are to be taken before, during and after a disaster. Its aim is to minimize losses and reduce recovery time and costs. Nowadays it is more and more associated with recovery of IT data and facilities. Benefits of …

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Top Three Reasons Why One Backup Is Not Enough

November 6, 2014

It’s important to have cloud storage for your files. It helps to keep important documents safe from loss. Even with the best service, there is always the risk of losing data. There are three good reasons why you need to have more than one cloud storage service provider. Reason 1: Hard Disk Drives Fail One thing that must always be remembered is that all equipment …

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Microsoft’s ‘One Cloud For All Your Purposes’ Or Future Cloud Services Of 2015

October 1, 2014

One cloud for all Cloud services are getting bigger. The new Dynamic CRM app currently under Microsoft’s caring development promises to meet all the businesses expectations in the nearest future. There will also be some updates with MS Dynamic CRM Online as well as MS Dynamic Marketing service. All that effort will be put to meet one goal. Providence of a unique single cloud platform …

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How Encryption Works in Cloud Computing

September 12, 2014

Cloud, as a flowing intangible balloon with different kinds of information, has been celebrated in the last few years as a real pivotal point in the data storing and sharing process. The cloud offers a wide range of new possibilities that can improve business communication and work in general, as well as everyday computer experience of ordinary people. Since the data on the cloud can …

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Why You’d Want A Contingency Plan For Your Cloud Environment and How to Get Started

September 5, 2014

The popularity of cloud computing services keeps rising, with providers like Amazon and others offering public cloud hosting services at reducing prices and growing bandwidth capacities. Still, even if this computing technology is virtual, it’s far from infallible. Why Should You Care? Cloud computing outages like a failed component or total service meltdown can’t be avoided at all. When they happen businesses lose their access …

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Reasons to Move Your Legacy Applications to the Cloud

August 14, 2014

While the benefits of moving to the cloud are numerous, it may not be that easy to figure out how it will work for your unique business. Users are always confused about how much of their stuff should be moved to the cloud. Should they move all legacy applications to the cloud, or be selective. Here are answers to all your questions and the reasons …

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Six most popular free cloud storage for Entrepreneurs

August 4, 2014

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always brainstorming, looking for that million dollar idea. Given the fact that all businesses are somehow tied to computers in one way or another nowadays, chances are your idea will be too, so one of the primordial needs will be finding a cloud storage service that will provide you with the features you need at a decent price. After all, …

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5 Potential Risks of Using Cloud Storage

July 29, 2014

While revolutionary in the world of business, cloud technologies also carry risks that enterprises need to be aware of. Since these storage mediums are often kept outside an organization’s direct control, ensuring that cloud providers are trustworthy is of the highest importance. Even cloud servers held within an organization’s direct control can be exploited by nefarious insiders or unauthorized users.

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The Advantages of Virtual Hard-Drive Backups for System Administrators

July 18, 2014

Creating virtual hard drive backups is one of the best ways to move preconfigured images between private and public clouds. System administrators with the most intricate knowledge on these technologies will be able to take the initiative on this kind of project using tools such as Virtual Machine Manager by Microsoft. It is imperative that system administrators understand how these backups work so that they …

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